Monday, August 25, 2008

Meredith Vieira discovers her roots

I was feeding the baby this morning, and watching the Today show on NBC, and was surprised to see a segment about the family history of Meredith Vieira, one of the hosts on the show.

You can see the 11 minute video on - Meredith discovers her roots

This was very well done - with stories and pictures about Meredith's family in Rhode Island and Massachusetts, and her ancestral families in the Azore Islands, part of Portugal. The video takes you to the Azores, and Meredith meets distant family members and finds some of the ancestral homes. In the process, she discovers that she has not been pronouncing her surname correctly over the years, and she has a difficult time saying it like the Azoreans do.

It's a wonderful segment, and was a great start to my day. Maureen A. Taylor, the Photo Detective, was the consulting genealogist on this project, but she wasn't in the video. They used for some of the genealogy work also. I imagine that there will be a news release at some time from Ancestry about their contribution.

The Today show is going to have similar segments for Al Roker and Matt Lauer in the coming days.

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