Friday, August 29, 2008

Traffic statistics for commercial genealogy services

I posted about The Generations Network domain traffic statistics yesterday, and wanted to show the statistics for several other commercial genealogy services.

The web sites I reviewed were:

* (a general genealogy database site)
* (a US government related database site)
* (a newspaper-oriented database site)
* (a United Kingdom genealogy database site)
* (a general genealogy database site) measures Reach (percentage of all Internet users who visit a web site). Here is the Reach for these five web sites:

And here are the page views (in terms of percent of all users: for the sites:

The data shows that:

* has a three month average Reach of 0.00275% (about 5% of's Reach).

* has a three month average Reach of 0.00446% (about 8% of

* has a three month average Reach of 0.00058% (about 1% of

* has a three month average Reach of 0.00132% (about 2.4% of

* has a three month average Reach of 0.00537% (about 10% of

The page shows, in terms of United States daily visitors per month, is:

The Quantcast monthly traffic estimate for these sites are:

* - 335K US visits and 404K visits worldwide (addicts and regulars are 23% of audience, 51% of visits)

* - 579K US visits (addicts and regulars are 19% of audience, and 40% of visits)

* - 87K US visits (addicts and regulars are 22% of audience, 52% of visits)

* - 24K US visits (addicts and regulars are 21% of audience, 37% of visits)

* - 300K US visits ( addicts and regulars are 16% of audience, 33% of visits)

For comparison purposes, had 5.0 million US visits, with addicts and regulars 45% of audience and 89% of visits.

It's unfortunate that the results from Quantcast is for US visits only.

It sure seems to me that none of these commercial genealogy websites have made a significant dent in's customer base. The graphs show that traffic is essentially stagnant, except when a site offers a free database set or introduces new databases.

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