Thursday, August 28, 2008

Family Tree Magazine Launches New Website

Family Tree Magazine has launched their new web site - see My first impression is that they have added a LOT of content on this web site, mostly in the form of articles and genealogy forms.

The major headings on the web page are:

* How To - Records, Tips & Techniques, Online Genealogy, Photos & Heirlooms, Save & Share History, Libraries & Archives, and DNA

* Heritage - African-American, English, French, German, Hispanic, Irish, Italian, Polish, Scandinavian, Scottish and All groups.

* Get Started -- Basic Steps, Genealogy Glossary, Surnames and Interviewing

* Research Toolkit - Free Forms, Cheat Sheets, 101 Best Web Sites, Soundex Generator, Software Guide, Article Index, State Research Guides.

* Blogs - Genealogy Insider, Photo Detective, Now What?

* Community -- Forum, Contribute, Queries

* Audio/Video - Featured Videos, Podcasts

* Shop - Back Issues, CDs, Digital downloads, State Research Guides, FTM Merchandise, Books.

I found many excellent articles, plus some PDFs in the Cheat Sheet section of Research Toolkit - Records Checklist, Timeline of US Immigration Laws, War Service Reference Guide and a Vital Records Chart. I also appreciated the article by Rick Crume on the 50 Genealogy Databases.

At this time, the Software Guide reviews are not available, even though a summary of each program is available here.

This is a great resource for all researchers - it's very easy to use and has a lot of information organized logically and well. Did I mention that most of these resources are FREE? Of course, the Family Tree Magazine itself isn't free, and the State Research Guides are not free.

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