Sunday, October 12, 2008

Is Northern New York included in the WVR US Collection?

It seems like a really stupid question, doesn't it? Who would think that Northern New York is NOT in the United States and would not be in the U.S. Collection of databases on

I have a United States collection subscription to WorldVitalRecords. I input my elusive Russell Smith (location New York, keyword Oneida) in the WVR Advanced Search box and one of the items that shows a match is a book (I think) titled:

Genealogical and Family History of Northern New York, Volume 1 (2 matches)

That's cool, so I click on it and get these words on my screen (the title of the page says "Need a subscription"):

"Looking for your smith ancestors? Find them now!

"With our new "Unlimited Access" membership plan you can get affordable access to ALL 1,198,196,401 names in ALL 11,019 databases. Or for less you can get access to 800 Million names in the U.S. Collection.

"Access the most innovative and fastest-growing collection of worldwide genealogical records available online! WorldVitalRecords is pleased to provide its members with the best value in genealogy."

And up in the top right corner it says "Welcome Randy Seaver." So I'm logged in, I have a US subscription, etc. I can see one of two problems causing this:

1) WorldVitalRecords thinks the database is not in the United States collection.

2) WorldVitalRecords has made a mistake and left it out of all of the collections.

Who should I contact to get this fixed, or hear a lame excuse about it?

I was so excited to find a possible lead for my elusive Russell Smith! I guess I'll have to wait awhile until this gets fixed.


Improvedliving said...

i dont think so

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Charley "Apple" Grabowski said...

I hope you've checked back, as I was able to access the page with your link. Now if only I could get to work right! Maybe it's the full moon.