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Keeping Up With the Taggers - Post 3

Continuing on with the Tag meme, I decided to start a new post for game participants that I found today. Previous posts include:

* Tag You're It!
* Keeping up with the Taggers
* Keeping Up With the Taggers - Post 2

Here are the Tag game participants that I found today that are not on the two previous lists:

John Newmark on TransylvanianDutch tagged:

1. David at OakvilleBlackWalnut
2. Amanda at Random Ramblings
3. Chery at Nordic Blue
4. Craig at GeneaBlogie
5. George at George Geder

Elizxabeth O'Neal at Little Bytes of Life tagged:

1. Rob MacDougall of Old is the New New (I like robots, too)
2. Ken Spangler of Beyond Fiction
3. Virginia Travis of Valeehill Genealogy Blog
4. Robert Ragan of Treasure Maps Genealogy
5.. Colleen Johnson of CMJ Office Blog

Ruth Stephens at Bluebonnet Country Genealogy tagged no one...she quarantined herself after a snack!

Kathryn M. Doyle on the California Genealogical Society and Library Blog tagged:

1. England: Kate GilbyKate's Family Tree
2. Ireland: Rachel Murphy – Irish Family History Blog
3. Sweden: Anna-Karin Schander - Anna-Karin's Genealogical Blog
4. The Netherlands: Henk van KampenTrace Your Dutch Roots
5. Australia: Carol Riley – Genealogy in New South Wales

Maureen Taylor on The Photo Detective with Maureen Taylor tagged:

1. Dead Fred (of course)
2. California Genealogical Society and Library Blog ( I love Wordless Wednesday's)
3. The Genealogue
4. The 24/7 Family History Circle
5. The Practical Archivist

Cat at Genealogy - Digging Up Dirt tagged:

1. Thomas at Destination: Austin Family
2. Sheri at TwigTalk

Genealogy Blogger at Olive Tree Genealogy Blog tagged:

1. my friend Illya of Genealogy Today News Centre
2. Brian aka sweetie of Ancestors At Rest Blog
3. my friend Kathi of Ancestor Search Blog
4. Rick Crume, who tagged me in January 2007's Tag You're It!
5. my new-found cousin Thomas of Destination Austin Family

Sally Jacobs at The Practical Archivist tagged:

1. Family Matters (Denise Olson)
2. Family Oral History (Susan Kitchens)
3. Tracing the Tribe (Schelly Talalay Dardashti)
4. Shades of the Departed (footnote Maven)
5. Heart and Craft of Lifestory Writing (Sharon Lippincott)

Ben Sayer at played but didn't tag anyone.

Lori Thornton on Smoky Mountain Family Historian played and tagged people who read our blogs but don't have one of their own. Just respond in the comments! Jeff Haines added his Tag answers in comments.

Steve Danko on Steve's Genealogy Blog tagged:

1. Acadianroots
2. How to Survive Suburban Life
3. Le chercheur nomade - The Nomadic Researcher
4. Transylvanian Dutch
5. We Tree

Taylorstales-Genealogy tagged:

1. Twig Talk
2. Little Bytes of Life
3. Speak Up Librarian non genealogy but oodles of information on our deaf community

Cindy Bergeron Scherwinski at In My Life tagged:

1. Raise the white flag and ask for amensty
2. Post that the dog ate the 'tag five others' part of my homework
3. Pretend I tagged five names but have no clue why they did not show up in my post
4. Make up a bunch of names and fake web sites
5. "Tag" the offensive line of the Green Bay Packers

I love it!!!

Amy Coffin on We Tree tagged: everyone and no one at all. Thanks for playing.

Judith Richards Shubert on Genealogy Traces tagged:

1. Genealogy Musings by Holly Timm
2. We Tree by Amy Coffin
3. Before My Time by TK Sand
4. The Sock in the Dryer by William Morgan
5. Blind Pig and the Acorn by Tipper Pressley

Colleen Johnson on CMJ Office Blog tagged:

1. Linda in Lancaster over at Lititz2Lancaster
2. Kathy over at kbbgenblog
3. Lidian over at The Virtual Dime Museum
4. Cheryl over at CH Enterprises
5. Denise over at A Day in the Life

Tina Sansone at Gtownma's Genealogy tagged:

1. Genealogy Reviews Online
2. Renee’s Genealogy Blog
3. Life in Possum Holler
4. Writing Your Memories
5. Irish Family History

Dean Richardson on the Genlighten Blog played but didn't tag anybody.

Kathi on Ancestor Search Blog played and tagged people who want to be tagged.
Craig Manson on Geneablogie played but tagged anyone who has not been tagged.

Linda Stienstra on From Axer to Ziegler tagged:

1. Chery Kinnick at Nordic Blue
2. Craig Manson at GeneaBlogie
3. Paula Goff Christy at Paula Goff Christy’s Blog

M. Diane Rogers on CanadaGenealogy, or, 'Jane's Your Aunt' played but didn't tag anybody.

Terry Snyder on Desktop Genealogist Unplugged played but tagged anyone not tagged who wants to play.

Sheri Bush on Twig Talk played but said "you're it" to anyone reading her blog.

Lidian on The Virtual Dime Museum played and tagged anyone who wants to play.

Chery Kinnick on Nordic Blue tagged :

1. Taneya at Taneya's Genealogy Blog
2. Colleen at Oracle of OMcHodoy
3. Lee at I Seek Dead People
4. Amy at Amy's Genealogy, Etc.
5. Lisa at Small-Leaved Shamrock

That's all I have for today. If I have missed anyone who participated in this meme in these three posts, please let me know by a comment here or an email to

I will count noses when the meme has died down a bit - it may be weeks! However, it's become difficult to find genea-blogs that haven't been tagged. Of course, some of the tagged bloggers don't know it yet!

I've found quite a few genea-bloggers not on my Bloglines yet. I will work to add them to my Bloglines list, which is at over 350 now.

UPDATED Sunday, 19 October, 9 p.m.: Added Tina, Dean, and Kathi to the list.

UPDATED Monday, 20 October, 9 p.m.: Added Craig, Linda, Diane, Terry ad Sheri.

UPDATED Tuesday, 21 October, 9 pm.: Added Lidian and Chery. That's it for now, I'm on vacation!

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