Monday, October 13, 2008

Using - Post 4

I started this thread earlier this week, introducing as a social network and family tree web site with over 200 million names in their databases in the post Using - Post 1. I showed what my own database on GeneaNet looked like in Using - Post 2. In Using - Post 3, I explored the family tree reports that GeneaNet produces.

In this post, I want to explore the Statistics and Calendar Converter options. Clicking on the Statistics link in the left-hand column produces this page:

I clicked on the link for The 20 who lived the longest, and it showed this screen:

That's a nice list to have. The next item on the Statistics list under Frequencies is the Surnames - and clicking Surnames produces this screen:

If you click on one of the Surnames (I picked Carringer, which had 186 names in my database), you get a Descendants Chart for the surnames - if there are unconnected persons, then you get more than one tree, as shown below:

This is a pretty nice set of information - you can print off the Descendants Chart if you wish.

Back to the Statistics page, I clicked on the First Names link and received this screen:

This is a list of First Names. For instance, my database has 1,310 John's in it. I chose Isaac, which has 140 names in my database. The screen below shows some of the persons named Isaac in my database - each has birth and death years with the names of their parents.

Lastly, I clicked on the Calendar Converter link in the left-hand column, and received a screen where I could enter a date in either the Gregorian, Julian, French Republican or Hebrew calendars. I entered 11 December 1620 in the Gregorian calendar and clicked on the "=" sign at the right of the line, and the equivalent days were shown in the other calendars, as shown below.

This is a very neat feature - I don't recall seeing something similar on any other family tree web site, especially for the French Republican and Hebrew calendars!

As a Wizard, there are added categories in the Statistics of:

* Last events - 20 latest births

* Last events - 20 latest marriages

* Last events - 20 latest deaths

* The 20 oldest perhaps still alive

* Foundation pyramid - a graph of number of persons alive in each age grouping (male and female) for a given year.

I didn't want to show some of those because they list living people.

In Comments to an earlier post, Jean-Yves suggested I explore some other areas of GeneaNet, so I will!


Improvedliving said...

wow 200 millions are lot of people

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Louisiana Genealogy Blogs said...

I've found that GeneaNet is very helpful, too. I enjoy its email alert feature the most.