Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Tag - you're it!

The blogger at Shoebox Genealogy has been Tagged, and didn't tag anybody else, so I consider myself tagged and we'll get this meme rolling through the Genea-blogger community. And maybe learn a few things about each other.

** 10 years ago I:

1. was working at Rohr Inc. in Chula Vista, an aircraft manufacturing company, as a Senior Staff Engineer.
2. was a father with one happily married daughter and one wild and exuberant daughter.
3. was enjoying the San Diego Padres last World Series appearance - getting there was a lot of fun, but the Series was a bust.
4. had been doing genealogy research for ten years and thought that I was finished - ha!
5. had recently returned from two trips to Derby in England to support thrust reverser performance tests - and had a great time in Nottingham and surroundings.

** 5 things on today's "to-do" list:

1. Blog a little bit (did it).
2. Go get a haircut (didn't do it).
3. Work on my 8 November presentation and syllabus (did it, almost done!).
4. Read my NGSQ article for my Transitional Genealogist Study Group chat on Thursday night (did it.)
5. Move stuff out of a bedroom closet so my contractor can finish the room (did it).

** 5 snacks I enjoy:

1. Ice cream - chocolate chip, Rocky Road, Dove bars, vanilla frosties, Cold Stone or Marble Slab.
2. Chocolate chip cookies
3. M&Ms
4. Chocolate pudding
5. Grapes, apples and tomatoes.

** 5 Places I have lived:

1. 577 Twin Oaks Avenue, Chula Vista CA (1943-1944)
2. 2130 Fern Street, San Diego, CA (1944-1946)
3. 2114 Fern Street, San Diego, CA (1946-1947)
4. 2119 30th Street, San Diego, CA (1947-1967)
5. 4640 Idaho Street, San Diego CA (1967-1968)
6. 4410 Oregon Street, San Diego CA (1968-1970)
7. 540 C Street, Chula Vista CA (1970-1972)
8. 755 Coleman Court, San Diego CA (1972-1975)
9. 1154 Via Trieste, Chula Vista CA (1975-present)

Oops, more than 5, oh well. That's everywhere, though!

** 5 Jobs I have had:

1. San Diego Chargers Training Camp - Chief Bedmaker and Toilet Cleaner (1963)
2. Wagner Aircraft (San Diego) Student Aerodynamicist (1964)
3. Sunrise Aircraft (La Mesa CA) Aerodynamicist (1965-1967)
4. Rohr Inc. (before 1999)/Goodrich (after 1999) (Chula Vista CA) Aerodynamicist (1967-1972), Sr. Aerodynamicist (1972-1978), Group Engineer (1978-1984), Chief of Aerodynamics (1984-1992), Chief of Aero-Thermo (1993-1997), Senior Staff Engineer (1997-2002)
5. Adecco (San Diego) Contract Engineer (at Goodrich) (2004-2006)

Here are five genea-bloggers that I pass this meme to:

1. Jasia at Creative Gene
2. Chris at The Genealogue
3. footnoteMaven at footnoteMaven.
4. Thomas at Destination:Austin Family
5. Joe at Genealogy Roots Blog.

Please blog about this and pass it on to five more bloggers.

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