Monday, December 1, 2008

Another Top Ten Genealogy Blogs list

The January 2009 issue of Internet Genealogy, which I downloaded today, has an article by Janice Nickerson on page 52 titled "Top Ten Genealogy blogs!"

Janice's list, in alphabetical order includes:

* 24/7 Ancestry Circle, by Juliana Smith, for (correct title is the 24/7 Family History Circle)

* Crowe's Nest Genealogy Blog, by Elizabeth Powell Crowe (now called Elizabeth Powell Crowe)

* Dear Myrtle's Genealogy Blog, by DearMyrtle, aka Pat Richley

* Family History Research: Methods and Writing in Genealogy, by Sharon Gayle

* Family Matters — Tech Support for the Family Historian, by Denise Olson

* Genealogy Blog — Everton Publishers (by Leland Meitzler, offline since early September 2008)

* Kimberly’s Genealogy Blog, by Kimberly Powell

* The Family Curator, by Denise L.

* The Practical Archivist, by Sally J.

* Tom’s Tips for Genealogists, by Tom Clough

It's nice to see genealogy blogs get some recognition in the magazines, including several blogs recently started by Libbi Crowe, Denise L. and Tom Clough.

Congratulations to all of the selectees - hopefully they will receive a blogalanche of new readers.

Are you reading all of the above blogs? If not, why don't you try them out?

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Becky Thompson said...

I see a couple I haven't read yet. Thanks for directing me to them, Randy!