Friday, December 5, 2008

123 Yourself

Do you have a web presence? Do other people with your name have a web presence? The web site permits the user to input a first name and a second name and see what the web presence is for people with the name combination.

I can't resist doing things like this, of course. I input "randy" and "seaver" in the Search box and the top of the results page looked like this:

It found:

* 32 web links
* 23 images (not all of a Randy Seaver)
* no videos (thank goodness)
* 10 social profiles (only LinkedIn?)
* 6 email addresses (including mine)
* 10 phone numbers (and addresses)
* 19 blogs
* 20 documents
* zero amazon results
* zero IMs
* zero news items

Ten people with "Randy" or "Randall" as a first name and "Seaver" as a last name, with addresses and phone numbers.

Here is the second part of the web page showing results:

The third part of the web page:

There is a Tag Cloud there that probably applies to all of the Randy Seavers with a web presence, but this Tag Cloud looks to be influenced by my own web presence.

This may be a very useful "people finder" that should be used by anybody searching for living people, e.g., the Unclaimed Persons group on Facebook.

Thanks to Megan Smolenyak Smolenyak for the lead on this site - she posted What's Online about You two weeks ago. She 123ed herself too.

I just figured out that Megan has changed her blog URL to I missed the announcement, I guess.


Terry Thornton said...

Thanks Randy for letting me 123 myself. What an interesting site --- thanks for the tip (and thanks to Megan too).


Unknown said...

Hi Randy,

You might also want to give a try. yasni is the world leader in this "people search" category and recently introduced a U.S. version at Good chance you'll receive greater results. Good luck!