Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Naturalization Records web site (Canada and USA)

The web site is part of the Olive Tree Genealogy suite of genealogy and family history web sites owned and posted by Lorine McGinnis Schulze, who lives in Canada. She has specialized in records of Canada and the northeastern United States.

On her Naturalization Records site, she has information and data concerning:

* U.S.A. Naturalizations,
* Canada Naturalizations,
* Samples of Naturalization Records, Citizenship Records,
* American Naturalization Records,
* American Passport Applications,
* American Alien Registrations,
* American Almshouse Records,
* American Census Records,
* American City Directories,
* American Land Records,
* American Newspapers,
* American Voters Registrations,
* Naturalization Records on Books & CDs,
* Naturalization Records Site Map,
* Naturalization Records Mailing Lists,
* Canadian Passports,
* Canadian Census Records,
* Canadian Land Records,
* Canadian Oaths of Allegiance,
* Canadian Sessional Papers

Isn't that a great collection of links? What I really like about this site is the educational portion - the definitions and examples of these records.

The USA Naturalization link provides information about the Naturalization laws and process in the USA throughout history, while the American Naturalization Records link provides a state-by-state summary of the available online records. Most of the latter are on the commercial sites and

The Canadian Naturalization link provides information about the Naturalization laws and process in Canada throughout history, while the Canadian Naturalization Records link provides links to actual records, some of which are on commercial web sites.

Lorine puts a lot of work into all of her web sites. I really appreciate her efforts to educate researchers and to provide useful links to Canadian and USA records.

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