Tuesday, December 2, 2008

NGS 2009 in Raleigh - Registration is now open

The National Genealogical Society Conference in the States, titled "The Building of a Nation, From Roanoke to the West," is being held in Raleigh, North Carolina from 13 May to 16 May 2009.
The Conference Registration information is on the Conference web page here. The Family History Conference program is listed here. The Program has tracks for BCG, Migration, Carolinas, GenTech, Working with Records, States, Ethnic, Methodology, NARA, Military, Workshops, Land, Libraries, Basics, etc.
There is an NGS Conference 2009 blog at http://www.ncgenealogy.org/blogs/ngs2009/ with up-to-date information about the conference programs, activities, etc.
I've never been to an NGS Conference before, but I need to go to national conferences if I'm going to advance in genealogy research. What's the weather like in Raleigh in mid-May?

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