Saturday, December 6, 2008

Saturday Night Fun - Scavenger Hunt

Tonight (and any time you want to play) let's go on a Scavenger Hunt for ancestors of well-known genealogy bloggers.

For each person listed below, provide the name of the spouse of the person and the genea-blogger to whom they are related. Easy, eh?

1) Emma Priscilla Libby

2) Cerena Whipple

3) Elenor L. Vreeland

4) Abbie Ardell Smith

5) Daniel Derondo Delaney

6) Ophelia Elizabeth Nix

Please post the answers on your blog (if you have one), or in my comments (if you don't have a blog). That way it doesn't matter who was first, only that you played the game well.

A bonus question: Who in your ancestry has a very unique name? Tell us - amaze us with the creativity of your ancestors!

This is for fun, not work or intellectual challenge, although it might improve your Google search skills. Enjoy!


Anonymous said...

Answers in email, to not spoil the fun of other contestants.

- Tamura

P.S. Google is your friend.

Charley "Apple" Grabowski said...

Very easy, unless of course I missed a hidden spouse or two. Hopefully my answers are far enough down the page so as not to spoil anyone else's fun.

And what are the chances that I'd get PERSI for word verification!?

Terry Thornton said...

What fun. Randy you are a hoot!

Terry Thornton