Saturday, December 6, 2008

California City Directories on added many City Directories from the 1880 to 1910 time frame to their collection recently - over 50 million names. Access to these records at home requires a subscription, or you can access them for free at a library with Ancestry Library Edition or an FHC with Ancestry Institution.

For California, the ones added included:

1. Fresno: 1897-1901

2. Los Angeles: 1873-1900

3. Oakland: 1879-1900

4. Sacramento: 1880-1901

5. San Diego: 1897-1901

6. San Francisco: 1879-1894

7. Santa Barbara: 1886-1888

8. Stockton: 1888-1896

There are City Directories for some of the intervening years, but not for all of them. These years provide some information about names, residence, employment but they cannot take the place of the missing 1890 United States Census.

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