Monday, December 1, 2008

SCGS Writing Contest Entries due by 31 December

The Southern California Genealogical Society has an annual writing contest with monetary prizes in two categories. The categories and entry rules are defined on the Writing Contest page. There are Frequently Asked Questions here that are useful to review.

Paula Hinkel of SCGS posted this on the APG Mailing List:

"The deadline for submitting entries to the 9th Annual GENEii Family History Writing Contest, sponsored by the Southern California Genealogical Society,is quickly approaching. Writers will have until December 31 to send in their submissions.

"SCGS founded this contest in 2000 to encourage genealogists to put the personal and "human" aspects of their research into writing, and to broaden their research to include the social context of their ancestors' lives. The contest is also meant to encourage genealogists to record their own first-hand information about their own generation, via memoirs, character sketches, and accounts of family and local history incidents-information that no future generation will be able to recover unless it is recorded by those who lived it.

"Earlier submissions to the contest resulted in the publication of a book of winning entries, "Celebrating Family History - An Anthology of Prize-WinningStories Sponsored by the Southern California Genealogical Society," edited and with an introduction by Beth Maltbie Uyehara and published by HeritageBooks 2005. Some of the 2007 entries can be found online at

"There is no fee for entry in this year's GENEii Family History WritingContest. Submission rules and FAQs can be found at

"Write, write write!"

This is a worthy endeavor for amateur and professional writers alike, including bloggers. But you have to follow the rules!

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