Wednesday, December 3, 2008

The family that blogs together...

Have you visited Becky Jamison's genealogy blog, Grace and Glory, yet? It is beautiful, and the writing is good too. Becky also has the Gramma's House blog about her family life.

Have you visited Ernie Margheim's blog, Ernie's Journeys, yet? Ernie is age 88, and Becky's father. Ernie is blogging about his life memories.

Then there is Lisa Jamison's two blogs, Two Star-Crossed Lovers and Chasing Butterflies, which are personal life blogs. I think that Lisa is Becky's daughter, but I'm not sure.

Three generations of bloggers sharing their lives with readers. I think it's cool. Becky is helping Ernie with his postings, since he wrote a lot in emails over the years.

Wouldn't it be great if every family had the elders writing about their memories and experiences, the middle generations saving them for posterity and writing about their lives and family history work, and the younger generation writing their own experiences and reading the posts of their elders.

What a great example of a family sharing their lives with each other. Thank you, Lisa, Becky and Ernie, for sharing with all of us too.

I'm sure that there are other three, and perhaps even four, generation families of bloggers, but probably not with a genealogy or family history interest.

Do you have an elder with lots of stories in their memory bank? Have you asked him or her to tell you about them - either in writing or verbally, capturing it on paper, on audio or video? If they are Internet connected, could they write on a blog?


Becky Thompson said...

Thank you Randy. You're inspiring me and my Dad to keep up with our blogging. You set a high standard for us to follow and we're trying hard. It's great that you're also encouraging others to get their families involved. Lisa is going to marry my step-son next Fall. Another step-daughter is blogging and my husband is blogging, but he's keeping his quite private for now. I hope others follow the example. Everyone has a story to tell!

Susan said...

Hi Randy, My 1892 Oklahoma pioneer great-grandmother Mittie Cobb is blogging her 1941 Journal. I'm transcribing for great-grandmother. Mom, who is grandchild Betty in Mittie's Journal, follows, and my daughter Marie also links her photo blog. Mittie inspires us.