Saturday, January 10, 2009

Saturday Night Fun - who went to

I've posted several blogs about the meeting I participated in at TGN yesterday with a group of other "genealogy bloggers." Actually, the group should have been called "genealogy writers" to be accurate. The group included authors, editors, columnists, podcasters and bloggers (some in more than one role).

Your task tonight, should you choose to accept it, is to identify all eight of the "genealogy writers" lured to Provo by TGN to participate in this event. You already know that I was there - sort of the rookie at this type of thing. Three others have already blogged about the event. The other four may be a challenge.

Put your list of attendees in the Comments - make it a group effort to identify the group of eight, and I'll post a yes or no for each one you list. Remember, SLIG is starting on Sunday.

While you do that, I'll slave over my hot keyboard to write another post about the meeting yesterday, another for the meeting today, and maybe even a post about seeing lots of folks at the FHL today. Um, first I have to go to another dinner and hear presentations about FTM 2009 and the TGN future. It's a rough life here in snowy SLC, but somebody has to meet these challenges.


Becky Wiseman said...

I'm green with envy ;-) I'd love to see their setup for scanning documents!

The four we know:
1. Randy Seaver
2. Pat Richley (Dear Myrtle)
3. The Ancestry Insider
4. Diane Haddad (The Genealogy Insider)

My guess on two others:
5. Dick Eastman (on 01/07 wrote about a "quick trip" to Salt Lake City prior to going to New Zealand)
6. Mark Tucker

The other two?

Cousin Russ said...


Were they Genealogy Writers OR "Genealogy Communicators?"

Thank you for the updates.


Randy Seaver said...

Russ and I discussed this at the dinner tonight - I agree that they were genealogy communicators - that's probably a better description.

Becky - I think I have a picture of their scanning hardware in my camera, but I forgot my cable so they will have to wait until I get ohme.

Becky has Dick Eastman right. Mark was a great guess, and one I thought would be invited because of his software background, but he wasn't here.

Three to go - they are harder!

MikeF said...


How about:

7. Kimberly Powell
8. George Morgan
9. Leland Meitzler (now that his blog is back)

Just because George Morgan writes for Dick now, I didn't figure that means he isn't an independent writer. But maybe not.

BTW, did you tell Ancestry's PR/marketing department how smart they are in inviting you guys to help them frame TGN in a positive light and distract attention from negatives like:

1) catering to the least educated/competent customers

2) refusing to involve customers in the concept phases of things and only in tweaking the interfaces

3) spending 4 to 1 on marketing vs. data acquisition and regarding data as now only a commodity

4) slow and no fixes of serious errors in many databases

5) refusing to agree to leave old search in place in case some of us don't like new search

6) etc.?

Don't get me wrong, I love Ancestry and use it a lot. But I hate a lot of their PR/marketing driven agenda and its effects, one of which is little to no commitment to quality control.

Have a nice trip and don't them brainwash you :).


Becky Wiseman said...

How about both of the Genealogy Guys - George Morgan and Drew Smith? I don't think Leland was there though.

Sheri Fenley said...

Paula Stuart-Warren is another?

Randy Seaver said...

Some excellent guesses from Sheri, Becky and MikeF.

George G. Morgan - no
Drew Smith - yes
Paula Stuart Warren - no
Leland Meitzler - no (but should have been IMHO)
Kimberly Powell - no, but was invited I think.

So - you all have found two more, for a total of 6. That leaves the two non-bloggers - think about authors and columnists.

Becky Wiseman said...

Laura Prescott? I thought of a couple others but they are associated in some way with TGN...

Randy Seaver said...

Becky, not Laura. I did meet her though at the, dinners and at the FHL too. Neat lady.

One of the other bloggers named everyone. Who were the last two?

Sheri Fenley said...

ok I'll try one last time.

The names of genealogical authors & columnists I heard or saw were in Salt Lake:
Elizabeth Shown Mills
Loretto Dennis Szucs
Elissa Powell
Kathleen Hinckley
Jennifer Utely
Curt Witcher
Jake Gehring