Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Tombstone Tuesday - Chelmsford Forefathers Burial Ground

I've run out of ancestral gravestone photographs for the time being - I need to find my file of photographs hiding in a box in the Genea-Cave, or take another trip to New England!

We visited New England several times in 2006, and on one of the trips we visited the Forefather's Burial Ground in Chelmsford, Massachusetts. I am quite sure that I have quite a few ancestors buried in this cemetery, but the office wasn't open and it was very wet, so I didn't search for my Hildreths, Keyes, Prescott, Fletcher and other families.

I took this picture of the sign along the wall of the cemetery, and you can see the
depth of the cemetery.

One of my new projects is to use the genealogy software I have to create lists of persons who died in each town so that I can find their gavestones.


Charley "Apple" Grabowski said...

Some of the Fletcher's of Chelmsford are distant cousins in my Wheeler line. I hope you can return some day to find the headstones. I live so close to New England but have never been there to research.

AMacDonald said...


My name is Andrea (mn Keyes) I was checking out sites for Forefathers Burial Ground and found you.

Noticed you had Keyes in you ancestry, as I do. I go back to Solomon and Frances. Where are you in the Keyes line?