Thursday, January 8, 2009

Ask Olive Tree Genealogy a Research Question

Lorine McGinnis Schulze is one of those genealogy researchers, bloggers and web site operators that fellow genealogists absolutely love. Her web site, Olive Tree Genealogy, has many free databases, and organized links to many other databases, that it is my number one go-to site for Canada, immigration and naturalization information. Lorine has several genealogy blogs also.

Her newest genealogy blog is called Ask Olive Tree Genealogy, and is in a question and answer format. The questions come from people like me and probably you - genealogists with an elusive ancestor - and Lorine provides helpful responses to the questions. She started this blog on 1 January 2009 and has posted a question and answer each day of this year.

The permanent post on the blog says:

"Do you need help finding an ancestor? Do you have a genealogy question you would like to ask me? Do you want to know where to find certain genealogy records? Let Lorine help! Every day I will choose one question to answer. Send your query about your ancestors to me then check back here to see if it has been answered. Please take a few minutes to read other queries that I've responded to so you get an idea of the kind of query most apt to be chosen."

In the right-hand sidebar, she notes:

""Learn how to write a good query in Good Query, Bad Query

"Send your genealogy queries to

"Please note: I reserve the right to edit your query as I see fit, and to use only your first name on this blog. I also reserve the right to pick and choose the queries I answer."

This blog will be an excellent service to the genealogy research community. Lorine is providing a wonderful example for others to follow - helping researchers by answering questions from her own experience and knowledge base. I hope that other bloggers will consider doing a similar thing on a regular basis.

I really appreciate Lorine for her web site, her blogs and her service to the genealogy community.

I need to formulate an email to Ask Olive Tree about my Canadian elusive ancestor. Let's see, which one? Ah, Sephrona!

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Olive Tree Genealogy said...

Hi Randy,

Wow, thanks so much for those wonderful words about me, my blog(s) and my website(s). I hope I can live up to them! I'm very excited about my new blog Ask Olive Tree, and have received many queries which I am working through (one per day). Please DO send me your Canadian ancestor query (fingers crossed that I can help).