Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Catching Up with Rootsweb Review

I always enjoyed receiving the weekly Rootsweb Review in my email over the past 10 years or so. Then it stopped - because of a problem with my email thinking it was spam. So I resubscribed, and it worked for awhile and then stopped again. That was in April 2008.

When I checked the Rootsweb Review Archives, I saw that they went monthly at about that time. I tried to subscribe again, and never received an issue. Then I forgot about my old friend, until today when I went browsing through the Archives. They are still being published, in an HTML format, with Joan Young as the Editor. I found the feature articles in the Using Rootsweb section quite useful:

11 June 2008 - Creating Your Own Freepage on RootsWeb, by Jana Lloyd

9 July 2008 - International Genealogical Symbols, by Mary Harrell-Sesniak

13 August 2008 - Understanding RootsWeb's Social Security Death Index, by Joan Young

10 September 2008 - World Archives Project: Saving the World’s Records Fifteen Minutes at a Time, by Jana Lloyd

08 October 2008 - - Census Records—For Demographics or Genealogy?, by Mary Harrell-Sesniak

12 November 2008 - Connecting Across Continents and Generations Through RootsWeb, by Joan Young

10 December 2008 - Using RootsWeb's Free FTP Tool, by Jana Lloyd

The other regular columns are Editor's Desk, News and Notes; Genealogy Tips; Connecting; Bottomless Mailbag; What's New - Databases, Freepages, Mailing Lists; The Darkroom; and You Found It.

The You Found It section usually has humorous tidbits, such as:

"Fertile Man Marries Manly Woman"

"... LITTLE, NATHANIEL, Esq. d. Delaware, Dec. 10th, 1812. He left a small family. (*Jan. 20, 1812)"

If you have been missing the Rootsweb Review, consider reading the Archives every once in awhile to see what you've been missing. There is a wealth of useful information, not to mention an excellent article, in each issue. And it's FREE!

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Magda said...

I just figured out that Rootsweb Review is no longer after all these years !

Thanks for the article on the wonders of rootsweb .