Saturday, February 7, 2009

Some Data Portal Site traffic statistics

I gathered 2008 traffic statistics for several of the more popular data portal web sites on recently. The four sites I selected were:

* - a cemetery site

* - a cemetery site

* - an immigration and passenger list site

* - a links site

The daily People traffic for the four sites in 2008 is shown below:

The chart below shows the Daily Visits for the four sites:

The average daily traffic for these four sites is:

* - 41.0K US (53.6K World) People, 66.6K US (81.3K World) Visits

* - 9.0K US ( 11.3K World) People, 10.3K US (12.9K World) Visits

* - 3.3K US People, 5.2K US Visits

* - 11.4K US People, 13.4K US Visits

During 2008, traffic on FindAGrave went up significantly in the last quarter, but traffic throughout 2008 decreased for the other three sites. Perhaps this reflects new content on FindaGrave and not much new content on the other sites.

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