Monday, February 2, 2009

Subscription Genealogy sites traffic statistics

What about the traffic for US-based subscription database web sites during 2008 other than

Here are Daily People and Daily visit charts from for:

* (US rank 3,677)

* (US rank 8,208)

* (US rank 22,344)

* (US rank 6,227)

For comparison purposes, the ranking was 228, and ranking was 2,334.

The charts above show several spikes in people and visits - these probably correspond to major new database releases.

One of the conclusions I draw from the charts above is that the Daily Visits are only a fraction above the Daily People for these sites. This means that few people are visiting more than once a day. The ratio of People to visits was about 8. Page views might be the more useful statistic.

I know that there are several other subscription database providers. I can only show four of them on these comparison charts.

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