Wednesday, February 4, 2009

"The Webmaster's Guide to TNG 7.0" book

I haven't blogged at all about one of the more interesting online genealogy software programs - The Next Generation of Genealogy Software (TNG). My reason for that is that I have no experience with it, other than browsing through some of the web sites created by it. As I evaluate genealogy software packages that create genealogy and family history web sites, I will add TNG to my list.

TNG is Darrin Lythgoe's creation, and has grown in popularity over the past eight years and is a worthy competitor to other genealogy software programs, especially for displaying genealogy and family history online on a dynamic and attractive web site.

John Pfost has written a book titled "The Webmaster's Guide to TNG 7.0" that is available for $35 at his web site, . John's site describes the book:

"The Webmaster's Guide to TNG 7.0 shows genealogists and family historians how to create and manage their own dynamic genealogy Web site using a commercial software program, The Next Generation of Genealogy Sitebuilding (TNG) . Unlike conventional genealogy Web site development applications, TNG utilizes advanced tools – MySQL database and PHP scripting language – to create highly attractive, efficient, and customizable Web sites. TNG is bundled with a number of ready-made templates for quick setup of your Web site. For those who want more control and flexibility, the source code is included and users are allowed -- even encouraged -- to customize their sites in unlimited ways.

"Webmaster's Guide to TNG 7.0 provides everything non-technical family historians need to create a TNG-based site and introduces many of the unlimited possibilities for expanding their site developments."

If you have a TNG web site, or are trying to build one, John's book may be a very helpful companion.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Randy and All,

Several of you have asked how you can learn more about The Next Generation of Genealogy Sitebuilding (TNG). So I have written a couple of papers that provide a complete introduction to TNG.

** "Introducing The Next Generation of Genealogy Sitebuilding" - provides a brief history of genealogy Web sites, an overview and description of TNG, a listing of its notable features and functions, a discussion of the underlying technologies, and a description of the system and personal requirements to implement a TNG Web site.

** "Getting Started with The Next Generation of Genealogy Sitebuilding" - provides a detailed description of all of the products and services one would need to develop a dynamic TNG-based family history Web site. It describes the key components - TNG, the Webmaster's Guide, a domain name, and Web services hosting provider - that are required, as well as the many additional resources that are available.

You can download these papers from the TNG-Resources site at by subscribing to the TNG-Resources newsletter and then accessing the Additional Resources page.

Please feel free to pass these papers along to your genealogy organizations, associations, professional societies, and friends.

Best regards,

John Pfost