Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Dynastree's US Surname Distribution Maps

I received an email from the team explaining their US Surname distribution Maps that was announced the other day.

Rather than print out the announcement, I chose to go visit the site and see what I could find. I input "Seaver" in the surname box and got this web page (separated into three screens):

The map gives me a distribution of the names. The text below indicates that Seaver has 1,349 entries in US phone books and is the 7,398th most common name in the USA. It is most frequent in Massachusetts (139 entries) and California (125 entries). There is a link for the distribution in Canada also.

The surname Smith is the most common surname in the USA - with 783,588 entries in US phone books.

The surname Obama is the 490,118th most common surname with 6 entries.

This surname distribution tool can be useful if you don't know where the surname is predominant. Of course, it measures the current (or nearly current) distribution and not the historical distribution.

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