Sunday, February 1, 2009

2008 FamilySearch Traffic Statistics

Continuing my series on genealogy web site traffic statistics, here are charts from for in 2008.

The first chart is daily People visiting the FamilySearch sites:

To put the above in perspective, FamilySearch's average of about 140,000 people per day is about 19% of's daily average.

Here is FamilySearch's average Visits per day:

The average of about 275,000 visits per day is about 18% of's average daily visits.

The third chart is the demographics for

The information on the left is for FamilySearch, while the information on the right is the percentages relative to the Internet average of 100. For example, FamilySearch has 41% male people, which is 82% of the Internet as a whole.

The demographics for says that the people are more female, much older, more Caucasian, have fewer children, have a lower income and have less education than the average Internet population.

The fourth chart is the breakdown of sub-domains:

From this we can see that the Record Search Pilot site has only 11.6% of the total site traffic. The FamilySearch wiki at has 3.6% of the traffic.

I was curious about FamilySearch Indexing, which has its own web site at The People number is 35,800 and the Visits number is 212,200 on 31 December 2008. Both People and Visits have decreased significantly during 2008.

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James Tanner said...

Thanks for the info. Very interesting. The reduction in visits to the Indexing site may reflect the fact that those who are already signed up don't need to visit the site? Thanks again.

James Tanner