Wednesday, June 17, 2009

My Daily Three - 17 June 2009

Here are three useful genealogy things I learned today:

1) There is more than one list of Loyalists in Canada, per Lorine at Ask Olive Tree Genealogy a Question. Lorine goes through her recommended procedure for finding records of probably loyalists other than using a list. I didn't see any way to do this online - most of the steps she recommended use microfilm. Another lesson learned, and a reason to go visit Ontario, methinks.

2) James Tanner on the Genealogy's Star blog mentioned Google Squared today, so I checked it out. It works, but wasn't real useful for the terms I input. Maybe I need more imagination.

3) The NEHGS web site has some Pilgrim Village Fa miles sketches online (readable from the free side) which are based on the Great Migration Begins series sketches. They are useful as finding aids at a minimum.

That's my three - what did you learn today?

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Julie said...

After doing this for the Saturday Night challenge, I thought about doing a Friday Finds column on my blog to share what I've found/learned. Not sure I could do this daily like you've been doing. But thanks for the idea :)