Thursday, June 18, 2009

My Daily Three - 18 June 2009

My research time was limited today by the arrival of my granddaughters - we are hosting them for the weekend while their parents celebrate their birthdays and anniversary.

Here are three things I learned about genealogy today:

1) The American Memory collection (of papers and photographs) at the Library of Congress has 971 items for San Diego, including many panorama photos of the city and the bay from the 1880 to 1940 time period. It was fun scrolling through the list.

2) has 60% of the Civil War "Widows Pensions" imaged (350,287) and available in their collection. There are 39 "Seaver" matches, including a complete set for George F. Seaver of Northbridge MA who died on 23 October 1861 at Balls Bluff. He had been married for only three months, and his widow received $8 a month for his service. I've corresponded with Seaver cousins related to George. My recollection is that this set of records was a small percentage of the total number of Civil War Pension files. However, they are priceless if your soldier's widow received a pension.

3) Leland Meitzler has recommended Jeffrey A. Bockman's website several times in the past months, and I finally wandered over there today. Jeff has a list of articles (most have appeared in Heritage Quest magazine or Everton's Genealogical Helper in recent years) and links to useful websites. Both are excellent resources.

Those are my three - what did you learn today? Tell us!

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