Sunday, June 14, 2009

Daily Three - 14 June 2009

Here are three new genealogy things I learned today:

* Samuel Rich (1833-????) accompanied James Richman to the USA in 1855 and settled in Burrilville, Rhode Island, then Putnam, CT and Pomfret CT. He married Annie --?-- (born ca 1845 CT) and they had children Arthur (born ca 1865 RI) and Maud (born ca 1872 CT). Hannah Rich, who married James Richman, was Samuel's sister. James and Hannah (Rich) Richman are my 2nd great-grandparents. William Rich (1830-1904) came across later and lived in Putnam CT. Can't find any of them in the Ancestry family trees - wonder if there are Rich cousins still in CT?

* Kathryn Lake commented on my Canadian Census post that there is more than one page for the 1851 census and that there may be some useful information on the other pages. Blog fodder on Monday!

* Tami Glatz on the Relatively Curious blog had a link to an interactive Atlas of Historical County Boundaries map system hosted at Newberry Library in Chicago. Pretty nice system here by state. You can zoom in and pan too.


Jay Holladay said...

Thank you so much for posting the link to the Interactive Map of Historical County Boundaries hosted by Newberry Library. I think this will be very helpful in some of my attempts to locate land grants in early Kentucky

Ben Walker said...

I prefer the maps at FamilyHistory101--they are found at