Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Free Wi-Fi at SCGS Jamboree

Paula Hinkel just posted on the Southern California Genealogical Society Genealogy Jamboree blog that there will be free wireless Internet in the public areas of the Marriott Conference Center in Burbank during the Genealogy Jamboree on 26-28 June.

How great is that? Can you see the probabilities?

* Live blogging about the second annual Bloggers' Summit. And other presentations. And the exhibits.

* Tweeting through conference presentations by noted genealogists by attendees.

* Uploading photos and videos instantly from mobile phones to Facebook and to blogs. The genea-blogging readers may see photos of the Bloggers' Summit before anyone else does (all of us there will be too busy typing to see them on someone else's blog).

Some questions need to be asked:

* How many genea-bloggers will be tweeting and live-blogging the Bloggers' Summit?

* Will there be enough electric outlets for all of the bloggers and tweeters in the conference room?

* Will there be an unofficial Twitter Cafe or Genea-blogger hangout?

* How many genea-bloggers will be in attendance at the Bloggers' Summit? Want to guess?

* Who will post the best photographs of the genea-bloggers? The most?

* Who will have the most outrageous geneablogger T-shirt!

* Will there be any genea-blogger swimsuit pictures?

* Will any genea-blogger attend any conference session other than the Bloggers' Summit? Or will we just sit around talking, blogging, tweeting, eating, laughing, drinking, etc.?

Ah, the mind wande... er, boggles.

I'm really glad that I can be in the audience at the Bloggers' Summit rather than on the panel waiting my turn to try to say something funny or helpful.

Expectations are really high that this Jamboree will be really FUN!!!

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Ah ... the mind boggles. Shouldn't that be BLOGGLES, Randy??? :-)