Friday, June 19, 2009

Postcard: A Tijuana Barbecue

My grandparents collected postcards from all over the world, since my grandfather had a wide correspondence with philatelists (stamp collectors).

When they died in the late 1970's, I recall my parents had a garage sale and that the boxes of postcards (some inscribed, many not) were quickly sold. When I started genealogy research ten years later, I visited some of the used book stores and antique stores in San Diego hoping to find some of the cards, but was unsuccessful.

I recently scanned photographs from a small envelope of scattered photos and the box contained several postcards (uninscribed, undated). Here is one of them:

My grandfather wrote "A Barbecue at Tijuana Mex." on the face of the card (I recognize his printing!). I don't know if this was a personal photograph made into a card, or it it was a card sold commercially. My guess is that it's a personal photograph, otherwise how would he know the location and event shown?

I don't know the exact date for this card, but I'm guessing that it is in the 1915 to 1930 time period. Perhaps a reader with a knowledge of the automobile makes and years can narrow it down better. Almost all of the men are wearing a suit with tie and hat, and most of the women have dresses and hats. Although this is labelled as in Tijuana, I don't see any people with the "typical" Mexican dress. This may be a tourist event sponsored by a Tijuana group or place.


Evelyn Yvonne Theriault said...

What a great card, Randy - especially when I click on it and it enlarges (I have to learn how to do that in Wordpress!).
I love the left side of the scene - I feel like I could just slip onto one of those benches under the canopy and dig into a great meal!
In Quebec the idea of BBQs as a way of cooking just started in the 1960s. I remember the summer parties my parents would throw in our suburban backyards and in our French Canadian families what was really new was that the men would handle the cooking. In those days the fathers I knew would never,ever set foot in the kitchen but they would barbeque!
Of course the really difficult thing was putting the actual BBQ together. We had rather rickety ones set on a tripod - and once it was together our fathers had to learn how to use the coals just right.
I just googled the term BBQ and found out that Americans have been BBQing since the time of the great Western cattle drives. Brings the old classic Westerns to mind - where have all the cowboys gone?
Thanks for taking part in the Festival of Postcards, and you can find the Main Street issue here:
Evelyn in Montreal

Postcardy said...

I think Tijuana was especially popular with Americans during Prohibition.