Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Ancestry.com teams with NARA

Ancestry.com has announced that they expanded their relationship with the National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) that enables the company to digitize NARA record collections at a new Ancestry.com facility in the Washington, D.C., area. The press release of this announcement can be read online in the Ancestry.com press room at http://corporate.ancestry.com/press/press-releases/view/?id=494

The first two collections scanned at this new facility are described below:

* Honolulu, Hawaii Passenger Lists, 1900-1953 – The Honolulu Passenger Lists consists of inbound vessel passenger manifests for the period February 1900 to December 1953 and provides a unique insight into non-traditional ports of entry.

* Death Reports of American Citizens Abroad, 1910-1974 – Death Reports of American Citizens Abroad includes records of the U.S. consular officers that reported to the Department of State the names of U.S. citizens who died within their consular districts. These death reports commonly provide acceptable documentation in the English language for cases in which satisfactory proof of an American death might be very difficult to obtain in any other form.

You can view the full list of databases recently added by Ancestry.com, extending back a couple of months, at http://www.ancestry.com/search/rectype/recent.aspx.

Full disclosure: I am not an Ancestry.com employee or affiliate. I do receive publicity emails from Ancestry.com. I have my own paid US Subscription to Ancestry.com.

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