Monday, October 5, 2009

Family Tree Maker 2010 Webinar Available

The Family Tree Maker 2010 Webinar, given on Wednesday, 30 September, is now available.

All of the Webinars are listed at

The Family Tree Maker 2010 webinar is here. You have to register with your name and an email address in order to watch and hear the webinar.

Michele Pfister moderated this webinar, and Duff Wilson described the FTM 2010 features in the first 24 minutes, and the balance of the webinar (total of 58 minutes) addresses questions submitted on their blog and by webinar registrants.

I learned a few things from watching this webinar - one being that I could see the Places associated with events for one person, or for up to four generations of a family, by using the Person index in the Places workspace. That had escaped me before.

If you are using FTM 2010 and have a free hour, watch and listen to the webinar.

A recap of this webinar was posted on the blog. has a number of helpful webinars available on their Webinar page for viewing and listening. There is no cost to participate in and/or view the webinars.

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