Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Databases Coming Soon to Ancestry.com

From the email sent by Ancestry.com today:

Here’s a preview of some of the Collections Coming soon to Ancestry.com:

* Improved U.S. Census Collection (1790-1840)

Description: Ancestry.com will be release all of the early census years with improved images. These new images will prove new clarity to often difficult to read census pages.

* Improved U.S. Census Collection (1850-1870)

Description: Along with the early census year Ancestry will be releasing improved images and indexes for the census years 1850, 1860 and 1870.

* U.S. Navy Cruise Books
Est. Record Count: 500k
Est. Image County: 78k
Description: U.S. Navy Cruise Books are the equivalent of a high school yearbook for Navy ship deployments. They consist of photos of personnel, ship activities and other events of a deployment.

* Historic Postcards Collection, c. 1893-1963

Est. Record Count: 23k
Est. Image Count: 41k
Description: The current database contains approximately 200,000 postcards dating from about 1893-1960, information provided about each postcard includes: place information, caption, and year range. This addition will include postcards from NJ, SC, CT, WI, WA, TN, IA, VA, IN, MI

At the Ancestry.com briefing for bloggers at the FGS Conference, Ancestry.com said that they had released almost all of the databases that they had listed in the December 2008 "Coming Soon" page, and listed more databases that would be coming soon.

Ancestry.com has apparently taken down their "Coming Soon" page that I summarized back in August. I do have screen shots of the August page...

At the FGS Conference meeting, they said that they will not provide "forward looking" announcements because of SEC restrictions.

Full disclosure: I am not an Ancestry.com employee or affiliate. I do receive publicity emails from Ancestry.com. I have my own paid US Subscription to Ancestry.com.

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