Monday, October 5, 2009

"Is She the World's Greatest DNA Detective?"

The Orange County (CA) Register newspaper ran an article by Tom Berg on Friday, 2 October with this title about my genealogy friend, Colleen Fitzpatrick (, The web page has a heading "She's part Sherlock Holmes, part Miss Marple, and a lot CSI." The article talks a bit about Colleen and her search for the identity of "Benjaman Kyle," the man with amnesia found near Savannah, Georgia in 2004.

Read the entire article - it is an excellent summary of Colleen's life and one of the cases that has stumped her, and others. It even lists her telephone number and email address.

There are seven photographs on the page - click through each of them and read the captions too.

Three more stories are planned --

* Tuesday, October 6 -- Fitzpatrick tracks a severed arm halfway around the world

* Wednesday, October 7 -- Three tiny teeth tell the story of the Titanic's "Unknown Child."

* Thursday, October 8 -- Will the Man With No Memory be the first case Fitzpatrick can't solve?

I'm looking forward to all three of these articles.

On the one hand, I am happy that Colleen is getting this publicity because it is a major and favorable boost for Genetic Genealogy and Forensic Genealogy.

However, I think the headline is misleading. There are many DNA detectives out there, and Colleen is one of the best. But I would not put her in the same class as, say, Bryan Sykes.

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