Thursday, October 8, 2009

Colleen Fitzpatrick's Articles in "Orange County Register"

I love it when genealogy and family history research is publicized in the newspapers or in magazines. We had Megan Smolenyak's articles yesterday that continued to resonate in the media today, and we've had the articles about Colleen Fitzpatrick's research in the Orange County (CA) Register over the past week. It's all good!

The four article series about Colleen Fitzpatrick's forensic genealogy cases was completed today. The links to the four articles in the Orange County Register, written by Tom Berg, are here:

* 2 October -- Is she the world's greatest DNA detective? This article describes the mystery man puzzle, and how Colleen came to be a DNA detective.

* 6 October -- A frozen arm in the snow. Whose is it? A severed and frozen arm was found in the ice at a 1948 airplane crash in Alaska. Whose was it? Colleen found a mitochondrial DNA match with a man in Ireland and solved the identity problem.

* 7 October -- Unlocking a Titanic mystery. This article summarizes Colleen's effort to find the identity of the Unknown Child from the Titanic, based on three teeth and a pair of shoes.

* 8 October -- Can she find a name for naked, beaten amnesiac This article discusses the search for Benjaman Kyle's real identity - it has stumped Colleen so far.

These four articles demonstrate that even seemingly unsolvable genealogy mysteries can be worked on and solved. The methods that Colleen uses are the same methods that most genealogists and family historians use in their research. I found the articles to be inspirational and excellent examples that reflect the very best in genealogy research.

Thank you, Colleen, for sharing your stories. Now, about Benjaman, have you put him on America's Most Wanted? Or Dancing with the Stars? How about a meeting with President Obama? Or a spot on the Super Bowl telecast? He really needs more exposure.

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