Monday, May 9, 2016

Nata's Family Reunion from MyHeritage

I received this information today from MyHeritage via email.  The video is amazing!  Check out the big chart.


As part of our research into Corfu and the reunion we facilitated between the descendants of a family who were saved on the Island of Eriekoussa during WWII, and the Islanders who saved them, we came across an individual named Nata Gattegno, a 93 year old Holocaust survivor.

Nata was born in Corfu, and sent to Auschwitz as a teenager. Though she survived, the abuse she suffered there prevented her from having children. She's a widow living alone, and thought she had no family in the world. Through our research we identified that she does have close relatives and were able to locate them. We notified her, and them, and they recently met for the first time.

There is an article which has more information -,7340,L-4800207,00.html - which details the full story.

Please watch the emotional video below of her meeting her relatives and feel free to embed. You'll also get a sneak peek at a new family tree chart format coming very soon to all users - another innovation from MyHeritage.


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