Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Ancestry Member Tree Quirk - Fact Notes Showing as Sources

I uploaded a small family tree with my Auble research to a new Ancestry Member Tree recently in order to capitalize on the Hints.  I had a surprise that I had not seen before, mainly because I usually upload a new tree to Ancestry using Family Tree Maker so that my attached images and documents are uploaded.  Perhaps others have wondered about this quirk also.

Here is the profile for my great-grandmother, Georgianna Kemp (1868-1952):

In the middle column, under the heading "Sources," are a number of "Unsourced Citation" entries.  I have not seen these before.

Curious, I clicked on the Birth Fact and the Fact was highlighted and two lines were extended from the Fact to the first "Unsourced Citation" and to another source further down the list:

I clicked on the "View" button on the first Unsourced Citation and saw:

The screen for this Unsourced Citation opened, and I can see that there is text in the "Other information" field.

From the information, I realized that this is the Fact Note that I have for the Birth Fact in my Person Profile in my RootsMagic database.

Apparently, the presence of a Fact Note in a GEDCOM file gets put into the "Sources" column on a person profile in an Ancestry Member Tree.

Here is the proof - I highlighted the Birth Fact in my RootsMagic program, and clicked on the "Note" button to see the content of the Fact Note for the Birth Fact:

The text is the same.

I looked at the GEDCOM file text and saw for the BIRTh fact:

2 DATE 4 AUG 1868
2 PLAC Middleton, Norfolk, Ontario, Canada
2 NOTE A birth date of 4 August 1868 in Ontario, Canada is provided on the dea
3 CONC th certificate of Georgia Kemp Auble.
3 CONT Census records are consistent with 1868, and the 1900 U.S. census recor
3 CONC d says she was born in August 1868.
2 SOUR @S682@
3 PAGE Georgia Kemp Auble entry, 1952
3 QUAY 2

There is a 2nd level  NOTE tag for the text of the Fact Note under the first-level BIRTh Fact.  The SOURce is also a second-level item.

There is really no other place on a person profile in an Ancestry Member Tree to put it, although it would be more sensible to have an additional heading called "NOTES" in the middle column for these Fact Notes, because they are not really Source Citations.

Is this an error in the Ancestry Member Tree importing of a GEDCOM file?  Or is this "normal" or "standard" for a Fact Note and I just have not seen it before because I haven't recently uploaded a GEDCOM file to Ancestry?


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Celtic Tree said...

I have something similar happening. I recently combined 5 trees (I had a separate tree for different lines of my family). With ancestry DNA I needed just one tree, so I combined them in FTM. When I uploaded the new tree to ancestry many of the facts (like census records) showed up under "Other Sources" along with notes like you have seen. This presents 2 problems: Clicking on a census records when it is under 'other sources', I can't see the census record anymore, AND the census record now shows up as a 'hint' that I need to re-add, even tho the fact is there. I called ancestry and they said they were aware of these 'ghost hints' but I think it goes way beyond that!