Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Treasure Chest Tuesday - Death Record for Ann Auble (1788-1860)

Yes, I know it's supposed to be Treasure Chest Thursday, but I can't help it - I want to share some of the records that I have found in my repository and online searches for my ancestral families.

Today's treasure is the 1861 record of the death of my third great-grandmother, Anna (Row) Auble:

The entry for Ann Auble is the third one down the list.

The snippet for the left hand side of the page near the top is:

The snippet for the right hand side of the page near the top is:

At the top of the page is the statement:

"Of Deaths in the Township of Stillwater County of Sussex State of New Jersey, from the first day of June 18 60 to the first day of June 18 61.

The information for the Ann Auble entry is:

*  Date of Death:  June 12 [1860]
*  Name of Deceased:  Ann Auble
*  Sex of Deceased:  female
*  Married or Single:  Widow
*  Age:  72 y
*  Occupation:  Laborer
*  Place of Death:  Stillwater
*  Place of Birth:  Morris Co.
*  Names of Parents:  Phillip & Ann Row
*  Cause of Death:  Inflammation
*  Time of Making Record:  June 1st 1861.

The source citation for this record is:

New Jersey, Records of births, marriages, and deaths of New Jersey, 1848-1900, Volume AF: page 701, Ann Auble, 1860 death entry; FHL microfilm US/CAN 0,584,582.

The only obvious error I see on this record is the name of her mother - it was Mary (Smith) Row, not Ann Row (perhaps the mother was named Maria Anna or Anna Maria, or the informant did not know the correct name).  The informant was probably Ann (Row) Auble's daughter, Sophia (Auble) (Foster) Hulse, who was enumerated with Ann Auble in the 1860 U.S. Census.

I found this record on FHL US/CAN microfilm 0,584,582 at the Family History Library on 2 February 2016.


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