Friday, May 13, 2016

Findmypast New Record Collections - Week Ending 13 May 2016

I received this via email from Findmypast today:


New Records Available To Search This Findmypast Friday

 This week’s Findmypast Friday marks the release of over 1.5 million fascinating records from the South East of England including an eclectic collection of assorted documents covering many aspects of life in historic London. Also included in this week’s releases is a collection of war-time announcements from Britain’s oldest continuously printed newspaper, the London Gazette, and substantial updates to our collections of Greater London and Sussex burials records.

London Lives, Culture & Society 1680-1817

London Lives, Culture & Society 1680-1817 is a rich archive of more than 1.5 million records including criminal registers, apprentice records, coroner inquests, workhouse minutes, clerks’ papers and much more.

London Lives, funded by the Economic and Social Research, is a project that has digitised records from six archives. The project has scanned and digitised numerous record types including a range of primary sources, such as session papers, coroner’s inquests and ordinary’s accounts from Old Bailey. The records detail the lives of ordinary and common Londoners and describe a London beyond the popularised portrayals in media and literature.

Each record consist of a transcript listing the vital details contained within that document and a link to the image of the document provided by London Lives.

The London Gazette, supplements August 1914 -January 1920

The London Gazette, supplements August 1914 -January 1920 contains more than 40,000 announcements of armed forces promotions, appointments of official public offices, Royal proclamations and much more. The supplements also allow you to read through full reports and despatches from key battles of the First World War.

The London Gazette was the official journal of the British government. It published statutory notes, royal proclamations and notices of insolvency or bankruptcy. It also reported official appointments in public offices such as the board of trade, board of agriculture, customers and trade, postmaster, factory department and much more. Additionally, the gazette was used to report military appointments, attachments, promotions, and awards. One was ‘gazetted’ when one was mentioned in The London Gazette for promotion.

The records are presented in Portable Document Format (PDF). The information revealed about your ancestor will vary depending on the nature of the gazette entry.

Sussex Burials

Search over 6,000 new additions to our collection of Sussex burials to reveal your ancestor’s burial date, where they are buried and, in some cases, additional notes that will tell you about your ancestor’s marital status, occupation, residence or other relatives’ names. The new additions cover Halisham Cemetery in the Wealden district of East Sussex and consist of transcripts created by the Sussex Family History Group. The entire collection now contains the records of 499,907 burials from the registers of 237 parishes across the county and dates back as far as 1530. 

Greater London Burial Index

Over 79,000 new records have been added to the Greater London Burials Index. The Index comprises over one million names from more than 226 parishes in the Greater London area and includes records from both Anglican and non-conformist parishes. It also includes the City of London Burials, Middlesex Memorial Inscriptions, Middlesex & City of London Burials Index and the South London Burials Index.

 Don’t forget to regularly check our dedicated Findmypast Friday page to keep up to date with all the latest additions.


Still no Wiltshire or Somerset records for the Nth week in a row.  No new USA records, either.

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