Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Received my Living DNA Autosomal Test Results - Post 2

I posted Received my LivingDNA Autosomal Test Results - Post 1 yesterday, and got to the point where I was going to discuss the various links on the left-side of the screen, and to discuss my biogeographical test results.

On the left-hand side of the screen, there are links for:

*  Family Ancestry
**  Map
** What Makes You
**  Chart
**  Throughout History

*  Download Results

*  Share Results

*  Test Details

1)  I clicked on the Map link and saw the "Family Ancestry Map" showing the Regional DNA ancestry:

2)  The link for "What Makes You" has a "click here" link which shows the body map and your Regional DNA ancestry:

3)  The "click here" link on the screen above leads to the "Throughout History" link where there are pages for different eras in world history from about 1500 CE back to prehistoric times.  These pages cover the World, Europe, and the British Isles.  There is a map, and a "Read More" button on each page.  Here is "The Age of Discovery" page (two screens shown for Europe):

These historical pages are very interesting and I need to go back and read them in more detail.

4)  The "Chart" link on the left-side of the website pages provides a "donut chart" of my Regional or Sub-regional ancestry according to LivingDNA - I clicked on the pls ("+") next to "Regions" to see the sub-regions in the chart and on the list of sub-regions (two screens below):

My autosomal DNA test results from Living DNA indicate:

*  Europe = 100%

**  British Isles = 86.2%
*** South Central England = 21.0% (orange)
*** Central England = 18.6% (blue)
*** South England = 18.5% (green)
*** East Anglia = 10.1% (red)
*** Devon = 8.5% (light blue)
*** Cumbria = 2.5% (brown)
*** Northumbria = 1.7% (teal)
*** Southeast England = 1.1% (purple)
*** Unassigned England = 4.1% (gray)

**  Europe (Northwest) = 7.1%
*** Finland and Western Russia = 4.3% (lavender)
*** Scandinavia = 2.8% (peach)
*** Europe (unassigned) = 6.6% (no color)

5)  In my next post in this series, I will describe how my genealogical research matches up to this estimate of my biogeographical ancestry.


Disclosure:  I received a complimentary analysis of my autosomal DNA results based on my raw data from another testing service.  I try to be objective in my analysis and discussion of all services, including this one.  I do appreciate the Living DNA reaching out to me for the above.

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