Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Received my LivingDNA Autosomal Test Results - Post 1

I highlighted the new Living DNA autosomal DNA test service in New Living DNA Test Offers People an HD View of Their Past on 26 October 2016.

After I published the press release and made some comments, I was asked if I would submit my autosomal DNA raw data from one of the other tests rather than use the cheek swab and have to have the sample analyzed.  I accepted, and submitted my raw data, and was contacted last week with the news that my results were available on the website.

The screen captures below are from my test results and show the Living DNA screens hat I saw.  I will discuss my test results in a separate blog post.

1)  The opening screen after I logged in:

I read the welcome message, then Xed out of it.

2)  The "Your Story Begins" screen (two screens shown) has links on the left-side of the screen, text in the center of the screen, and a body map on the right-side of the screen:

At the bottom of the page are whited out body maps for the Motherline and the Fatherline - but I haven't submitted DNA for those tests.

3)  The screen above provides a "Your Overview" of my DNA, with the test results showing:

*  86.2% British Isles
*  7.1% Europe (Northwest)
*  6.6% Europe (unassigned)

That's interesting.  I wanted more.

4)  Fortunately, there is the blue "Explore in full" button below the "Your Overview" so I eagerly clicked on that.  The "Your Family Ancestry" page appeared (two screens shown below):

I have shown the "Family Ancestry Map" in a full screen below:

The map above shows the ancestral areas on a map of western Europe.  I clicked again on the "Explore in full" button, and saw:

The screen above is the "Standard" view - noted in blue above the map.  Apparently, The "Cautious" and "Complete" buttons are not available at this time.  The screen above has another button below the blue "Standard" - it says "Regional" with a minus sign on the left and a plus sign on the right.

5)  I clicked on the plus "+" button, and saw the estimates for the different sub-regions for each region (two screens shown below):

There are the different sub-regions listed to the left of the map, and the map has different colors for the sub-regions.

If I click on a sub-region, the map is expanded and I can see the selected sub-region boundaries and the other sub-regions are whited out a bit but are still discernible.

You can see my DNA estimate percentages in the screens above, and I will write another post to discuss those results.

6)  This website seems to work well - the results page opens in a second browser tab and the results take some time (a minute or two?) to load, but after that it is fairly intuitive.  Hitting the "back" arrow in the browser takes you back to the welcome screen and you have to go through the clicks again, but that is not onerous in my opinion.

I have not addressed the links on the left-side of the screens above.  I need to do more work on that too.


Disclosure:  I received a complimentary analysis of my autosomal DNA results based on my raw data from another testing service.  I try to be objective in my analysis and discussion of all services, including this one.  I do appreciate the Living DNA reaching out to me for the above.

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Ancestor Archaeology said...

Randy, I am very interested in finding out how you liked this service. I received a press release and invitation to interview them, I wasn't sure - but I am curious. Thanks for writing this up! ~Anne