Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Treasure Chest Tuesday - 1920 U.S. Census Record for Paul Schaffner Household in San Francisco, Calif.

This week's Tuesday treasure is the 1920 United States Census record for the Paul Schaffner family enumerated in San Francisco, San Francisco County, California:

The Schaffner family snippet is:

The extracted information for the Schaffner family, residing at 46 Rivoli Street in San Francisco, is:

*  Paul Schaffner - head of household, rents home, male, white, age 40, married, can read and write, born California, parents born New York/Massachusetts, speaks English, a manager, works for Oil Company
*  Edna Schaffner - wife, female, white, age 38, married, can read and write, born California, parents born Maryland/Australia, speaks English
*  Mueral Schaffner - daughter, female, white, age 10, single, attends school, can read and write, born California, parents born California/California, speaks English

*  Edna Schaffner -  daughter, female, white, age 6, single, attends school, born California, parents born California/California, speaks English

The source citation for this record is:

1920 United States Federal Census, San Francisco County, California, population schedule, 27th Assembly District, Enumeration District 338, Page 9A, Dwelling #69, Family #103, Paul Schaffner household,  online database and digital image, Ancestry.com (http://www.ancestry.com); citing National Archives Microfilm Publication T625, Roll 142.

Paul and Edna (McKnew) Schaffner married in 1906, and had two daughters, Muriel and Edna Schaffner.  Edna Schaffner (1913-1979) is my wife's mother, and Paul and Edna (McKnew) Schaffner are my wife's maternal grandparents.


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