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Amanuensis Monday -- 1688 Will and Inventory of John Young (1624-1691) of Eastham, Mass.

This week's document for Amanuensis Monday is from the Barnstable County, Massachusetts probate documents for John Young (1624-1691) of Eastham, Massachusetts.  

a)  Barnstable County [Mass.] Probate Records, Volume 1, pages 41-42:

The transcription of the will and inventory is:

[page 41]

The last will and Testament of John Young of the Towne
of Eastham in the County of Barnastable in new England being Aged and
not knowing the time of his End doth order and dispose of his Estate in
the 19^th day of January in the year of our Lord god 1688^9: as followeth
Imprimus I do Recomend my Body to the dust and my soul to god that
gave it.
2  I do order and Appoint my beloved wife Abigail young and my son
Henry young to be my sole Executors to order and dispose of my
whole Estate according to the Tenner of my will with the advice and
assistance of my over seers.
3  I give and bequeath to my Loving and trusty wife Abigail young
my whole Estate Real and personal during the time of her widdowhood.
4  I give to my son John young five acres of upland lying neare
the south side of the cove commonly Called youngs Cove.
5  I doe give to my two sons Joseph and Nathaniel young ten shillings
a peece.
6  I doe give to my son David ^Young all that upland that is mine where
he now Lives.
7  I do give to my son Robirt young that parcel of upland which
I bought of Thomas Paine except one small field called the point
field against Timothy Coles and one Bed and Bed mg
8  I do give to my three daughters son Henry young all my housing and
all that upland ^that I bought of John o and the point field before excepted
Lying against Timothy Coles
9  I doe give to my Three Daughters five shillings a peece.
10  my will is that all my Lawful Debts be paid out of my Estate
11  I do nominate and desire Capt Sparrow and Daniel Done sr and
Benjamin Higgins to be my over seers to be assistent to my Executors
to the true performance of this my Last will and Testament.

Signed in presence
of us and sealed                             The mark of John O young sen^r {seal}
Benjamin Higgins
Richard Higgins
The mark H of Ichabod Higgins
Joshua Higgins
                                       April the 22^th 1691:  Richard Higgins and Ichabod
                                       Higgins witnesses to this will made oath in Court
                                       that they saw the deceased John young signe seal
                                        and declare this to be his Last will and Testament
                                                                 do Attest Joseph Lothrop : Clerk

Duely compared with the origanal will and Entered April the 30^th 1691
                                                       As Attest  Joseph Lothrop : Recorder

[page 42]

An Invintory of the Estate of John Young of Eastham deceased on the

29^th of January Last and taken the 3 of February 1690:91

To wearing Clothes: to one Coat home made Cloth [hidden]
To one Consey Coat fifteen shillings [hidden]
To one pair of Stacked Briches [hidden]
To one pair of woolin Briches [hidden]
To one wast Coate 00=05=00
To one pair of ?????? 00=05=00
To a paire of stocking gloves and neck cloath 00=01=00
To one hatt 00=04=00
To several old Clothes 00=02=00

To one Cowe and two heifers 04=00=00
To one horse 01=00=00
To two mares and two Colts 02=10=00
To nineteen sheep 04=15=00
To three shotes 05=05=00
To plow Takckling and old Iron 01=09=00
To yoakes and Irons 00=03=00
To one ????? and tosten 00=05=00
To pott hangers tine shire and Tonges 00=14=00
To one great pott and pothookes 00=10=00
To one small pott and skillit 00=05=00
To one Iron Kettle 00=06=00
To one frying pan 00=04=00
To a warming pan and skillit 00=04=00
To scthes and sickles and sheep shears and to Smouthing Irons 00=07=00
To pewter 01=01=00
To one ????? morter and pestle 00=05=00
To tinn ware 00=02=00
To spoones 00=02=00
To earthen ware and ???????? 00=08=00
To tubbs pailes and trays and old cask 01=00=00
To a paire of bellows and an houer glass & lookin glass and brush 00=06=00
To one great Table 00=14=00
To one small Table 00=06=00
To one Chist with drawers 00=05=00
To one small Chist and a box and a Trunk 00=10=00
To one small cubbard 00=05=00
To Chaires 00=06=00
To one S???? and Cano? 01=06=00
Bedstead and beding in the Leantoo 05=04=00
To one bedd and beddstead and curtains in the great room
and coverlets and blankits
To one bed and beding in the Chamber 03=00=00
To lining yarne and sheeps wooll and a pannel 02=10=00
To wheate and to hogseds 01=04=00
To three old spining wheels 00=06=00
To Rye Barly and malt 00=08=00
To Indian Corne and flax 02=10=00
To one Lom 01=10=00
To Sheets 00=13=00
To seaven bolts 00=13=00
To porke 02=05=00
To mill Baggs 00=05=00
To housing and Land 55=00=00
The total of the personal Estate Coms to 55 pounds 13^s 55=13=00
The housing and Lands is valued at fifty and five pounds 55=00=00
Prised by us the day and year above written
                                                                       Jonathan Sparrow
                                                                       Benjamin Higgins

Abigail young wid relict of John young Late of Eastham deceased made
oath in Court April the 22^th 1691 to the truth of this Invintory
                                                                  As Atest Joseph Lothrop : Clerk
Examined and duly compared with the origanal Invintory and Entered

April the 30^th 1691                              As Atest Joseph Lothrop : Recorder

The source citation for this record is:

"Massachusetts, Wills and Probate Records, 1635-1991," indexed database with digital images, (, Barnstable County, "Vol. 1-3, 1686-1747," Volume 1, pages 41-42, John Young will and inventory records.

In his will, John Young named his six living sons - Henry, John, Joseph, Nathaniel, David and Robert Young, but did not name his three daughters by name (Mary, Abigail and Lydia).  He left everything to his wife during her widowhood, but bequeathed land after her death to his sons.

The inventory has 55 pounds, 13 shillings in personal estate (the value of several items at the top of the list is obscured by a tape on the page), and the value of the real property is 55 pounds.   Some of the items are very difficult to read because of the handwriting which is fairly unique to the clerk, Joseph Lothrop.

John and Abigail (Howland) Young are my 8th great-grandparents.  I am descended from the eldest son, John Young (1649-1718) who married Ruth Cole (1651-1735) in 1671 in Eastham, Mass.


NOTE:  Genea-blogger John Newmark (who writes the excellent  TransylvanianDutch blog) started a Monday blog theme years ago called "Amanuensis Monday."  John offers this definition for "amanuensis:" 

"A person employed to write what another dictates or to copy what has been written by another."

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