Saturday, April 1, 2017

A Note From Jack Minsky on Family Tree Maker 2017 Shipping Plans

The Family Tree Maker Users group page on Facebook has this note from Jack Minsky this morning:

The review meeting has ended without an agreement to release quite yet. Ourquality assurance staff call the shots and they're calling for moreresearch into issues raised in beta testing of FamilySync which wasdeployed on Thursday..The engineers were called to the office an hour ago and are going to spendthe day following the trail of the most worrying issues raised in testingyesterday. They may turn out to be nothing, but we aren't going to releaseuntil we're sure..In the meantime, all of us in the east coast head office are going to "gooffline" for a few hours and will post on progress when we return. We'll beemailing shortly everyone waiting for their copy of FTM 2017 to let themknow our plans..To those of you who understand that getting this right is more importantthan getting it fast -- and have said so sincerely here -- we thank you.We're going to sleep better having stopped the clock, knowing it was theright thing to do..Watch this space.

The latest updates (and the earlier ones too) are on this thread on Facebook.

Apparently, there were problems with the FamilySync features resulting from over 1,000 beta testers problems and comments.  It may take until Monday to fix them adequately.  Or not.

I think we'll get the email when we get it and not before.  I agree with Jack - they need to get it right.

For those who can't wait - here is a support article about "Getting Ready for FamilySync 101":


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