Monday, March 4, 2019

The Future of Family Tree Maker is TreeVault

Jack Minsky of Software MacKiev, which owns Family Tree Maker genealogy software, made this announcement yesterday on the Family Tree Maker User Facebook group:
... and we shared a glimpse of it at RootsTech 2019. 

It’s been thirty years since Family Tree Maker was born and it’s only fitting that we will be introducing a new edition this year that takes this grand old brand to places its original creators could only have dreamed about back in 1989.

No longer an isolated application, Family Tree Maker becomes the center of a growing digital ecosystem, where every change you make to your tree on your Mac or PC is instantly and automatically made in a linked TreeVault cloud tree that you can view from any mobile device with the free FTM Connect app.

Where the memories of living relatives are captured in tappable soundspots in their old photos -- using AlbumWALK on a mobile device -- and whisked back to Family Tree Maker, and linked to people in your tree.

Where you can arrange for your tree to be passed on to a relative of your choice along with your Family Tree Maker license to ensure your legacy lives on.
That’s just a part of the upcoming 30th Anniversary Edition of Family Tree Maker - and we’re only getting started. Stay tuned.
Along with the information, this graphic was provided about TreeVault:

There are a lot of comments and questions on the Facebook group post - and Jack Minsky has responded to many of them with more information.

It appears that TreeVault will be a subscription service, perhaps with several tiers depending on storage requirements, but the fees have not been officially announced.

You can get more information about TreeVault at

In my opinion, this is good news for Family Tree Maker users.  Cloud storage that automatically syncs with a user's computer is excellent, as is having a mobile app with your tree information.  The "Next of Kin Service" is new, too, and a great idea.


Disclosure:  I have been a user of Family Tree Maker since the 1990s, but do not use it as my primary genealogy software at this time.  I have accepted material considerations from Family tree Maker over the past years, including meals and complimentary copies of Family Tree Maker.

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LeslieP said...

This is exactly what ALL of the genealogy software makers should be working towards. Frankly it's rather sad that none have this concept working yet. We've gotten very used to our data being privately stored and synced across our devices - dropbox, onenote, zotero, etc. Each application has different capabilities available on the different devices, but the key is to capture the input however is most convenient, and present the output wherever we are.

I've never even looked at the MacKiev FTM product, and am not too likely to change, but I applaud their effort to bring this industry forward.

msstarlite said...

FYI When I try to go to the TreeVault, a file automatically downloads. Not opening some mystery file... I don't know if there's something wrong with their website