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Three Richmond Cousins in 1982 -- Post 571 of (Not So) Wordless Wednesday

My cousin Nancy sent me the Seaver/Richmond photo album of her mother, Marion Frances (Seaver) (Braithwaite) Hemphill after Marion died in 2000.  Throughout her life, Marion had carried on an extensive correspondence with all of her cousins, nieces and nephews.  The album had many photos of the Seaver and Richmond families that I had never seen.  Here is one of them:

This photograph of three Richmond cousins, children of three siblings, was taken in San Diego in 1982 at Dorothy Bangerter's home at 4601 Terrace Drive.  Marion Hemphill was visiting from Florida in San Diego, and Bud Richmond drove down from Santa Barbara.

The persons in the photograph are (from the left):

*  Dorothy Richmond (Taylor) Chamberlain) Bangerter (1904-1992), daughter of George Russell and Emily White (Richmond) Taylor (1879-1966).  Dorothy married (1) Charles Marshall Beale "Chuck" Chamberlain (1903-1968) in 1925, and they had one daughter;  she married (2) Ralph Ginther Bangerter (1896-1985) in 1969.

*  Marion Frances (Seaver) (Braithwaite) Hemphill (1901-2000), daughter of Frederick Walton and Alma Bessie (Richmond) Seaver (1882-1962).  Marion married (1) Irving Wilbur Braithwaite (1902-1966) in 1928, and they had one daughter; she married (2) Russell Hemphill (1893-1976) in 1970.

*  William Brown "Bud" Richmond (1909-2003), son of Charles Percival (1880-1911) and Jessie (Brown) (Richmond) Marcy (1882-1947).  Bud married Jane McPherson (1915-1999) in 1947, and they had no children.

Emily White Richmond, Alma Bessie Richmond and Charles Percival Richmond were three of the nine children of Thomas (1848-1917) and Julia E. (White) Richmond (1848-1913) who married in 1868 and resided in Killingly and Putnam, Connecticut, and Leominster, Mass.

The three persons in the photograph are my first cousins once removed.  They are my father's first cousins.


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