Wednesday, June 26, 2019 Now Provides Hints Feedback Option recently added a new "Hints Feedback" feature so that users can "Let us know why you accepted or ignored certain hints so we can provide you with more meaningful hints in the future."

Users can access it by clicking on the "Extras" link and selecting "Ancestry Labs."

At the top of the "Ancestry Labs" page is the "Hints Feedback" item, which is now in Beta development:

A user can choose to "Enable" the feature or "disable" it if it is already Enabled.

I clicked on "Enable" and then went to look at my Hints:

On my list of "Record Hints" the list shows the person in my Ancestry Member Tree, the name of the record collection, a thumbnail if available, and information in the record and in my tree.  There is a green "Review" button and a black "Ignore" button for each Hint.

If I click on the "Ignore" button for this Hint, the screen changes and the note that "You ignored a hint for [name] from the [collection], it's now saved with the rest of your Ignored Hints."

Then there are five boxes with statements and an "Other" field for the user to check as appropriate, as shown below:

If you click on "Review" then the user can accept the Hint and pick the information you want to add to the profile in your Ancestry Member Tree.  

On the next Hint on my list, I clicked on "Review" and accepted the Hint, and when I clicked on "Save to my tree" I received the Hints Feedback screen:

Again, this screen has boxes to check.  

For either screen, the user can check boxes or just ignore the Feedback screens.

For me, the Hints Feedback screens are space wasters and time sucks - I usually Disable the Hints Feedback.  Why?  Because I almost always don't accept Hints or attach records to my Ancestry Member Tree.  The Hints themselves can be very useful - for instance the Hint I accepted above was for a marriage date and place that were not in my Ancestry Member Tree.   
In my case, I pay every year to find Hints for my tree people, and then judge the usefulness of each Hint, and enter information and sources into my RootsMagic family tree program (whuich I then TreeShare to my Ancestry Member Tree).  Once I use the Hint, I "Ifgnore" it to make it disappear from the Hints list.  It is still in the "Ignored Hints" on the person profile in the Ancestry Member Tree.

I would rather work through a page of Hints in 5 minutes than check the right boxes on those Hints and spend 10 minutes doing the page of Hints (say 15 seconds a Hint).  If I looked at all 111,854 Record Hints for my tree, and spent 15 seconds answering questions, I would waste 466 hours just checking the boxes.


Disclosure:  I have had a fully paid subscription since 2000. has provided material considerations for travel expenses to meetings, and has hosted events and meals that I have attended in Salt Lake City, in past years.

Copyright (c) 2019, Randall J. Seaver

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I no longer have the option to turn it off, looks like they made it permanent?