Wednesday, February 26, 2020

New Family History Product: FileShadow Family Vault™

Here is a new product announcement from FileShadow - they are at RootsTech:


FileShadow Family Vault™ Archives and Protects Family Documents, Photos and Digital Assets

Individuals, families and family history buffs now have a secure way to collect, curate, share, categorize and publish precious documents, photos and digital assets within a real-time, dynamic family archive
February 26, 2020 10:15 AM Eastern Standard Time
SALT LAKE CITY--(BUSINESS WIRE)--RootsTech—FileShadow, Inc. today announces the FileShadow Family Vault™—supporting family history buffs, genealogists, individuals and families in collecting, curating, storing and preserving precious family documents. The new service collects content in real-time, storing it in a dynamic family archive.
Connect multiple clouds and sources into one family vault
FileShadow collects all of your files into one cloud-based repository from sources such as iCloud, Adobe Creative Cloud, Adobe’s Lightroom solutions, Box, Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive and OneDrive for Business; local storage (macOS, Windows Desktops, Windows Virtual Desktops); and network and direct-attached storage (NAS/DAS) devices.
Collect and search all of your digital assets
All types of physical documents (“not born digital”) can be scanned and gathered into the FileShadow system such as family portraits, family reunion and wedding photos, journals, legal or official documents, contracts and government records. Once scanned and in PDF form, FileShadow’s Optical Character Recognition (OCR) searches even these old documents as if they were “born digital.”
“FileShadow Family Vault brings together all of your digital and non-digital family and historical records,” said Tyrone Pike, president and CEO of FileShadow. “Users create their own vault that allows them to categorize, curate, protect and share different collections with anyone they choose. FileShadow is the best and easiest way to protect your most important documents in the Cloud.”
Categorize files through AI and machine learning
Once in the FileShadow vault, an AI and machine learning process analyzes the content to create metadata tags, including location (GPS), OCR of PDFs and machine learning (ML)-generated tags for images. For example, FileShadow will automatically identify terms in a document such as “marriage” and “certificate” for a marriage certificate, even if those terms are not in the file name but are in the document text, making it simple to search for and find Great Grandma and Grandpa’s marriage certificate. Users can also apply custom tags such as “marriage certificate” and “Great Grandma.” With automated and custom meta tags, users can create collections quickly and easily without endless hours of searching and viewing documents.
Share files with anyone, even those without FileShadow accounts
FileShadow allows users to publish collections of family files from their FileShadow Family Vault by generating shareable links. The FileShadow Publish feature is a simple and secure way for families to curate, store and share important photos from family reunions, birth certificates, naturalization papers, letters and more. With FileShadow, every family member can access important family memories and files, regardless of whether or not they are FileShadow users. These links can also be used as source links in popular genealogy programs and services, such as Ancestry and FamilySearch, among others.
For a free 30-day trial of FileShadow, visit
About FileShadow
FileShadow is a service that aggregates files from multiple cloud sources, Windows Virtual Desktops, Windows PC and macOS desktops, Drobo and other network and direct-attached storage (NAS/DAS) devices into one secure, reliable and searchable cloud vault. Compatible with Amazon WorkSpaces, Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops, HVE ConneXions VDI Solutions, IOXO Workspace Technology, Microsoft Windows Virtual Desktop and VMware Horizon, FileShadow for Windows Virtual Desktop delivers thin-provisioned access to the user’s vault.
Using machine learning, FileShadow provides superior indexing and searching capabilities. With FileShadow, users can quickly find any file with advanced search features such as file content, OCR of PDFs, GPS location and image searches. FileShadow is hosted on Google Cloud and IBM Cloud with storage on IBM Cloud Object Storage (COS) and Wasabi’s Hot Cloud Storage, providing “11 nines” of durability for optimal file protection. FileShadow supports multiple cloud storage sources, including Windows PC and macOS desktops (including iCloud Drive files and iCloud Photos), Drobo and other NAS/DAS devices, Adobe Creative Cloud, Adobe’s Lightroom solutions, Box, Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive and OneDrive for Business. Visit for more information.

Disclosure:  I have received no benefits or emoluments from this company.  I expect to discuss their product and see a demonstration  this week at RootsTech.

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