Thursday, February 27, 2020

MyHeritage Adds Fan View for Your Family Tree

I received this information from MyHeritage today:


I’m pleased to share that today MyHeritage has released a new view for family trees: Fan View.

Fan View offers a colorful and interactive representation of your family history research. Fan View is dynamic: you can change the root individual to display different versions of the fan, and it includes 2 display modes: Text mode, which lists ancestors’ names, relationship to the root individual, and dates of birth and death, and Color mode, which displays your main ancestral surnames, and shows which lines can benefit from more research.
We’ve also added a sharing widget, so you can showcase your beautiful work to your family and on your social networks.    

For more information please see our blog announcement here


Here is my 7-generation fan chart on MyHeritage:

And here is my color fan chart (different shades for different great-grandparent ):

Disclosure:  I  receive a complimentary subscription from MyHeritage for publicizing MyHeritage events and products.  I have accepted financial considerations from MyHeritage and Legacy Family Tree in past years for services rendered and for conference luncheons.

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