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Candidates For the Parents of 3rd Great-Grandfather John Rich (ca 1789-1868)

One of my 3rd great-grandfathers is John Rich (about 1789 - 1868) of Hilperton, Wiltshire.  He married Rebecca Hill (1790-1863) on 14 February 1815 in Hilperton.  They had 11 children, including my 2nd great-grandmother Hannah Rich (1824-1911) who married James Richman (1821-1912) on 7 September 1845 in Hilperton.

There are several "candidates" for parents of my John Rich (ca 1789-1868) in the Wiltshire baptism records, including:

*  John Braine Rich, baptized 11 November 1785 in Wootten Bassett, son of John and Margaret (--?--) Rich.

*  John Rich, baptized 18 September 1787 in Downton, son of John and Elizabeth (--?--) Rich.

*  John Rich, baptized 6 July 1788 in Christian Malford, son of John and Ann (--?--) Rich.

*  John Rich, baptized 27 September 1789 in Hilperton, son of John and Mary (--?--) Rich.

*  John Rich, baptized 14 November 1790 in Trowbridge, son of William and Betty (Noad) Rich.

*  John Rich, baptized 3 March 1793 in Trowbridge, son of Robert and Betty (Sly) Rich.

*  John Rich, baptized 21 June 1794 in Christian Malford, son of John and Ann (--?--) Rich.

*  John Rich, baptized 28 Jun 1795 in Trowbridge, son of John and Betty (--?--) Rich.

Census records for my John Rich indicate he was born between 1789 and 1794:

*  he was age 47 in the 1841 census,
*  age 58 in the 1851 census,
*  age 70 in the 1861 census,
*  age 79 in his burial record in June 1868.

Of course, he was born zero to many months before his baptism.

Several of the John Rich baptisms on the list above - the two for Christian Malford, the one for Wootten Bassett, and the one for Downton are for persons who married other women and resided in or near their baptismal towns.

That leaves the John Rich baptized in Hilperton and the two John Rich sons baptized in Trowbridge from the list.  Or some other John Rich who is not in a Wiltshire baptismal record or is baptized outside of Wiltshire.

There is a marriage record for William Rich and Betty Noad, and for Robert Rich and Betty Sly, but not for John Rich and Mary --?-- of Hilperton.

By narrowing down the list of potential parents, I can concentrate on the parents from Hilperton and Trowbridge, assuming that one of them is the correct parents for my John Rich (ca 1789-1868).

Eenie, meenie miney moe?  Or is there a better way to sort this out with the information I have.  A search for death records of each John, and a check of probate records for the fathers comes to mind.


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