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52 Ancestors - Week 476: #756 Job Card (1653-1739) of Newport, New Shoreham and South Kingstown, Rhode Island

Job Card (1653-1739) is #756 on my Ahnentafel List, my 7th great-grandfather, who married (1) #757 Martha Ackers (1668-1716) in 1689 in New Shoreham, Rhode Island.

I am descended through:

*  their son #378 Job Card (1690-1760), married 1716 Judith Greenman (1694-1786).
*  their daughter #189 Phoebe Card (1730-1789), married #188  Elijah Champlin (1730-1779) in 1751.
*  their son #94 Joseph Champlin (1758-1850), married #95 Nancy Kenyon (c1765-b1833) in 1785.
*  their daughter #47 Amy Champlin (1798-1865), married  #46 Jonathan Oatley (1790-1872) in 1813.
*  their daughter #23 Amy Frances Oatley (1826-1864), married #22 Henry Arnold White (1824-1885) who married in 1844.
*  their daughter #11 Julia E. White (1848-1913), married #10 Thomas Richmond (1848-1917) in 1868.
*  their daughter #5 Alma Bessie Richmond (1882-1962), married #4 Frederick Walton Seaver (1876-1942) in 1900.
*  their son #2 Frederick Walton Seaver (1911-1983), married #3 Betty Virginia Carringer (1919-2002) in 1942.
*  their son #1 Randall Jeffrey Seaver (1943-living)


1)  PERSON (with source citations as indicated in brackets):

*  Name:                   Job Card[1–4]

*  Sex:                       Male

*  Father:                  Richard Card (1620-1674)
*  Mother:                Rebecca --?-- (1625-1692)

2)  INDIVIDUAL EVENTS (with source citations as indicated in brackets):

*  Birth:                     about 1653, Newport, Newport, Rhode Island, United States[1–2]

*  Death:                    before 7 September 1739 (before about age 86), South Kingstown, Washington, Rhode Island, United States[4]

*  Probate:                 7 September 1739 (about age 86), will proved, Charlestown, Washington, Rhode Island, United States[1–2,4]
3)  SHARED EVENTS (with source citations as indicated in brackets):

*  Spouse 1:               Martha Ackers (1668-1716)
*  Marriage 1:            November 1689 (about age 36), New Shoreham, Newport, Rhode Island, United States[1–3]

*  Child 1:                 Job Card 1690-1760
*  Child 2:                 Rebecca Card 1694-1739
*  Child 3:                 Martha Card 1699-1789
*  Child 4:                 Margery Card 1701-1751
*  Child 5:                 Jane Card 1703-1727
*  Child 6:                 Sarah Card 1705-1740

*  Spouse 2:              Margery (Ackers) Tosh (1665-1724)
*  Marriage 2:           28 May 1716 (about age 63) New Shoreham, Newport, Rhode Island, United States[1-2]

*  Spouse 3:               Hannah (Holloway) Bull (1667-1755)
*  Marriage 3:            27 August 1724 (about age 71), South Kingstown, Washington, Rhode Island, United States[1-2]

4)  NOTES (with source citations as indicated in brackets):    

The vital records and biographies of Job Card and his descendants were obtained from Maxine Phelps Lines, "Descendants of Richard Card of Newport," (in Rhode Island Genealogical Register, Volume 3, Number 3 (January 1981)) and G. Andrews Moriarty's NEHGR article "Early Families of Block Island" in Volume 83.

Job Card was born about 1653 in Rhode Island, the son of Richard Card and Rebecca --?--  of New Shoreham, Westerly, South Kingstown, and Charlestown, Rhode Island[1-2].  

He married first, in November 1689, Martha Ackers (1667-1716), daughter and co-heiress of John Ackers, yeoman, of Dorchester, Massachusetts and of Providence, Newport and New Shoreham, Rhode Island[1-3].

Job and Martha had six children, all born and recorded in New Shoreham, Newport County, Rhode Island[1-2].  They are:

*  Job Card (1690-1760), married 1716 Judith Greenman (1694-1786).
*  Rebecca Card (1694-a1739), married 1709 Acres Tosh (1687-1739).
*  Martha Card (1699-1789), married 1721 Joshua Rathbone (1696-1779).
*  Margery Card (1702-1751), married 1724 John Foster (167-1764).
*  Jane Card (1703-1727), married c1720 Isaac Sheffield (1695-1773).
*  Sarah Card (1705-????), married c1722 Isaac Sheffield (1695-1773).

Job married as his second wife, Margery (Ackers) Tosh (1665-1724), on 20 May 1716 in New Shoreham[1-2]. Margery was the other remaining daughter and co-heiress of the aforesaid John Ackers and widow of Daniel Tosh (1663-1706). This marriage was  witnessed by Job Card, Jr. and Rebecca Card.  Job and Margery and they had no children together.

Job married as his third wife, Hannah (Holloway) Bull (1667-1755), widow of Ephraim Bull (1669-1721) on 27 August 1724 in South Kingstown, Rhode Island[1-2]. Job and Hannah and they had no children together.

He first appears on 1 July 1674 owning land in Newport, which was in the possession of his mother. He  probably moved to Block Island in about 1685, as his name was on the list of freemen of New Shoreham in 1686. In 1692 the town of Westerly granted him land in "Great Neck," afterwards in Charlestown, after he had been "driven from Block Island by the French." In 1695 he was at South Kingstown (Pettyquamscott). His stay on the mainland was temporary, however, as he constantly appears in the New Shoreham records at this time. In 1698 he was in partnership with William Champlin, owning land in South Kingstown at Matunuck[1-2].

After 1709, he resided at Westerly Rhode Island, in the part which was afterwards set off as Charlestown. His farm seems to have been in both towns, as he is called sometimes of Westerly and sometimes of South Kingstown. In the record of his second marriage, on 28 May 1716, he is styled as "of Block Island" but it seems that about this time he moved for good to South County[1-2].

On 8 June 1725, Job Card and Hannah his wife gave land to daughter Jane, wife of Isaac Sheffield, cordwainer[1-2]. The witnesses were John Hill and Silas Sears.

Job Card of South Kingstown died testate, having written a will dated 5 January 1730/1, which was proved in Charlestown on 7 September 1739[1-2,4]. The will reads:
"I Job Card of South Kingstown in Kings County in the Colony of Rhode Island in New england Being in perfect Mind and Memory Doe mak and ordain this my Last will and testament this twenty fifth Day of January 1730/1 Disanuling all wills Made by me before the date hereof. First and principly I Recomend my Soul to God the great Creator and my Body to my friends to Be buried Decently.

"2ly My will is that all those Depts that I owe in right to all persons what Soever Be well and truly paid by My Executor Here after named.

"Item I Give and bequeath unto my son Job Card all my Lands Housings and fencing and all Previlidges thereunto Belonging in South Kingstown and Westerly and further I Give to my Son Job Card Whom I Make my hole and Soul Executor of all money With all Money due by Bonds of what Nature or Kind Soever upon Mee with as Much of the Rest of the Moveable Estate with the money Afore-sd which may Be to the value of What Soever Gifts or Bequeasements which I after will or Bequesth which Shall be part by My Executor out of the money and Movable Estate and the Rest of my Moveable Estate after the Gifts and bequeathments and all other Chareges be full paid and Discharged my will is that the Rest of my Movables be Equally devided to my four Children Job Card Rebeckah Torch Margery Foster & Sarah Sheffield Eqully to In Joy their Equl part of sd Movables first before Devision.

"My will is that my well Beloved wife Hannah Card have all the Movable Estate that She Brought to me and Eighty pounds in money or pasable Bills of puplick Credit which is in full of all her wright and power of thirds to my Estate ??? was agreed on before marriage.

"Item I Give to my Daughter Rebeckah Torsh Sixty pounds in money or pasable bills of publick Credit and to her Son Job Torsh thirty pounds in good pasable bills of Credit or Spasur (?) and my Land in the Corn Neck.  Likewise I give to my Daughter Rebeckah torsh Afore-sd.

"Further I will and bequeth to my Daughter Margery Foster one hundred pounds in money or pasable Bills of publick credit and her Son Card Foster thirty pounds in like money or Spasua.

"Item I Give to my Daughter Martha or John Rathbone one shilling in money.

"Item I have given to Isaac Sheffield a peace or tract of Land by deed A??? his house Stands in full of my Daughter Jane Sheffields portion.

"Item I give to my Daughter Sarah Sheffield one hundred pounds in money or pasable Bills of publick Credit and her first son Josua Rathbun thirty pounds in money Courant as afor-sd.

"Item I give to my Daughter Jane Sheffield two children Mary Sheffield and Martha Sheffield Sixty pounds that is to say thirty pounds in money or pasable Bills of publick Credit to Each of them the sd Mary and Martha Sheffield and the Gifts or bequeasements my will is that my granChildren Receive of my Executor the male at the age of twenty one years old and the female at the age of Eighteen years old and the Rest of my Gifts my will is that my Executor Job Card whome I Make ordain and Impower and Constitute to be my hole Executor to Receive all and Every dept due to me and to pay all Depts and Gifts afore-sd Signed Sealed and Declared to be my Last will and testament.  The words Spasua is to be understood ... Cattle Sheep horses or hogs.
                                                                         Job Card (seal)
"Before us--
Benjami Perry
John X Badgood
Elizabeth Perry

"Rhode Island
Kings County Charlestown September the 7th 1739
Benjamin Perry and Elizabeth Perry apeared In council the date above sd and declared upon their Solom Ingagement that they saw the testator Job Card Sign Seal publish and declare the above written to be his Last will and testament and that at the same time he was in his perfect mind & memory and that they with John Badgood Signed att the same time as with ??? for ??? presents." The above will is Excepted by the Council and ordered to be Recorded Signd by order of sd Council this 7th day of September ad 1739.  Attest William Clark Council Clerk."
"Know all men by these presents that I Hannah Card of Charlestown in Kings County in the Colony of Rhode island & providence plantations in new england widow and Relict of Job Card of sd town County and Colony afor-sd Do for and In Consideration of a Valuable Sum of money all Ready Received of my Son in Law Job Card of South Kingstown in the County & Colony above-sd to my full satisfaction & Content doe hereby sett for myself and my heirs agree and Discharge all the Estate both Real and personal that my Husband Dyed seized of from having any demands hereafter Change or demand to any part of sd Estate Either by Right of Dowery or thirds or by any other demands what Soever In wittness hereof I have set to my hand & seal this 7th Day of September 1739.
                                                                    Hannah Card (seal)

"Signed Sealed and Delivered
In Presents
John Hall
Joseph Hossie
"The Subscribers personally appeared the day & year above written and acknowledged the above acquittance to be her act and deed Before Me William Clark Justice.

"The above acquittance is Recorded this 8th Day of September 1739 by me William Clark Council Clerk."

"By Virtue of the Power Granted to the town Council of the Town of Charlestown In the County of Kings County in the Colony of Rhode Island &c for the Probate of Wills and Granting Letters of Administration within sd TownShip

"To all People to Whome These Presents Shall come Greeting &c we the Council of the Town above sd acording to the power Invested In us doe truly Give Grant and fully Impower Job Card of the town of South Kingstown In the County and Colony above sd Executor to the Last will & Testament of his Deceased father Job Card to administrate upon all and singler the Estate Goods Chattels and Credits of his sd father & to act & doe Respecting the Same Whatsoever in Needfull Nessary & proper to be done provided it Be Correspondant with & Exactly agreeable to the Laws of the Colony in Such Cases made and provided &c.

"In testamony of which & ... Confirmation of the Prises By order & in behalf of the sd Council I have given forth This power of administration Under My hand and Seal in Charlestown this Eighth day of October one thousand Seven Hundred Thirty Nine, Attest William Clark Council Clerk.

"This above Letter of Administration Is Entered this 9th day of October 1739 by Me William Clark Council Clerk."

"A True Inventory of all the Goods Chattels and Credits of Job Card Late of Charlestown Deceased That was brought to our Vers prised By us the Subscribers acording to the Best of our Judgement and Understanding This 14th Day of September 1739."  
The personal estate totaled £2078 3s 1d.  It included clothes, animals, tools, foodstuffs, furniture, bonds (£1164), and 3 Negroes (£210).


1. Maxine Phelps Lines, "Descendants of Richard Card of Newport," Rhode Island Genealogical Register, Volume 3, Number 3 (January 1981) to Volume 4, Number 4 (April 1982), Volume 3, Number 3, Page 194, Job Card family sketch.

2. G. Andrews Moriarty, "Early Block Island Families, " New England Historic Genealogical Register, Volume 83, Number 1 (January 1929), pages 89-93 III. The Card Family, pages 91-93, #4 Job Card family sketch.

3. James N. Arnold, Vital Record of Rhode Island, 1636-1850, First Series, Births, Marriages and Deaths : a Family Register for the People (Providence, R.I.: Narragansett Historical Publishing Co., 1891-1912), Volume 4, "Newport County: Births, Marriages, Deaths," New Shoreham Marriages, page 8, Job Card and Jully Samantha Ackers marriage entry, August 1689.

4. Charlestown [RI] Probate and Town Council Records, 1738-1916. Family History Library (on FHL US/CAN Microfilm 2,319,104, Items 1-5), Volume 1, pages 84-88, Job Card probate items, on FHL Microfilm 2,319,104.


NOTE:  Amy Johnson Crow suggested a weekly blog theme of "52 Ancestors" in her blog post 
 52 Ancestors in 52 Weeks on the No Story Too Small blog in 2014.  I have extended this theme in 2023 to 520 Ancestors in 520 Weeks.

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